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  1. Photo of Mariano Laurenti

    Mariano Laurenti Director

  2. Photo of Luciano Martino

    Luciano Martino Screenplay

  3. Photo of Francesco Milizia

    Francesco Milizia Screenplay

  4. Photo of Alberto Silvestri

    Alberto Silvestri Screenplay

  5. Photo of Lino Banfi

    Lino Banfi Cast

  6. Photo of Janet Agren

    Janet Agren Cast

  7. Photo of Alvaro Vitali

    Alvaro Vitali Cast

  8. Photo of Marisa Merlini

    Marisa Merlini Cast

  9. Photo of Teo Teocoli

    Teo Teocoli Cast

  10. Photo of Renzo Ozzano

    Renzo Ozzano Cast

  11. Photo of Giacomo Furia

    Giacomo Furia Cast

  12. Photo of Gigi Reder

    Gigi Reder Cast

  13. Photo of Leo Gullotta

    Leo Gullotta Cast

  14. Photo of Lory Del Santo

    Lory Del Santo Cast

  15. Photo of Jimmy Il Fenomeno

    Jimmy Il Fenomeno Cast

  16. Photo of Franca Mantelli

    Franca Mantelli Cast

  17. Photo of Galliano Sbarra

    Galliano Sbarra Cast

  18. Photo of Rita Caldana

    Rita Caldana Cast

  19. Photo of Clarita Gatto

    Clarita Gatto Cast

  20. Photo of Roberto Ceccacci

    Roberto Ceccacci Cast

  21. Photo of Federico Zanni

    Federico Zanni Cinematography

  22. Photo of Gianni Ferrio

    Gianni Ferrio Music

  23. Photo of Alberto Moriani

    Alberto Moriani Editing