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  1. Photo of Mario Monicelli

    Mario Monicelli Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Leonardo Benvenuti

    Leonardo Benvenuti Screenplay

  3. Photo of Suso Cecchi D'Amico

    Suso Cecchi D'Amico Screenplay

  4. Photo of Piero De Bernardi

    Piero De Bernardi Screenplay

  5. Photo of Giuseppe Pontiggia

    Giuseppe Pontiggia Screenplay

  6. Photo of Lello Arena

    Lello Arena Cast

  7. Photo of Margherita Buy

    Margherita Buy Cast

  8. Photo of Tigana Camara

    Tigana Camara Cast

  9. Photo of Ubaldo Carosi

    Ubaldo Carosi Cast

  10. Photo of Dario Cassini

    Dario Cassini Cast

  11. Photo of Aurore Clément

    Aurore Clément Cast

  12. Photo of Giovanna Coletti

    Giovanna Coletti Cast

  13. Photo of Renato Fornasari

    Renato Fornasari Cast

  14. Photo of Gabriella Franchini

    Gabriella Franchini Cast

  15. Photo of Gianfelice Imparato

    Gianfelice Imparato Cast

  16. Photo of Elisa Lepore

    Elisa Lepore Cast

  17. Photo of Barbara Marciano

    Barbara Marciano Cast

  18. Photo of Micha Michel Sennfors

    Micha Michel Sennfors Cast

  19. Photo of Philippe Noiret

    Philippe Noiret Cast

  20. Photo of Moni Ovadia

    Moni Ovadia Cast

  21. Photo of Sabrina Paravicini

    Sabrina Paravicini Cast

  22. Photo of Stefano Accorsi

    Stefano Accorsi Cast

  23. Photo of Tonino Delli Colli

    Tonino Delli Colli Cinematography

  24. Photo of Franco Velchi

    Franco Velchi Production Design

  25. Photo of Giovanni Di Clemente

    Giovanni Di Clemente Producer

  26. Photo of Ruggero Mastroianni

    Ruggero Mastroianni Editing