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  1. Photo of Joe Dante

    Joe Dante Director

  2. Photo of Eric Goldberg

    Eric Goldberg Director and Cast

  3. Photo of Larry Doyle

    Larry Doyle Screenplay and Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Brendan Fraser

    Brendan Fraser Cast

  5. Photo of Jenna Elfman

    Jenna Elfman Cast

  6. Photo of Timothy Dalton

    Timothy Dalton Cast

  7. Photo of Heather Locklear

    Heather Locklear Cast

  8. Photo of Joan Cusack

    Joan Cusack Cast

  9. Photo of Steve Martin

    Steve Martin Cast

  10. Photo of Joe Alaskey

    Joe Alaskey Cast

  11. Photo of Jeff Bennett

    Jeff Bennett Cast

  12. Photo of Billy West

    Billy West Cast

  13. Photo of June Foray

    June Foray Cast

  14. Photo of Bob Bergen

    Bob Bergen Cast

  15. Photo of Casey Kasem

    Casey Kasem Cast

  16. Photo of Frank Welker

    Frank Welker Cast

  17. Photo of Danny Mann

    Danny Mann Cast

  18. Photo of Roger Corman

    Roger Corman Cast

  19. Photo of Kevin McCarthy

    Kevin McCarthy Cast

  20. Photo of Matthew Lillard

    Matthew Lillard Cast

  21. Photo of Tom Woodruff Jr.

    Tom Woodruff Jr. Cast

  22. Photo of Peter Graves

    Peter Graves Cast

  23. Photo of Dean Cundey

    Dean Cundey Cinematography

  24. Photo of Jerry Goldsmith

    Jerry Goldsmith Music

  25. Photo of John Deneby

    John Deneby Music

  26. Photo of Bill Brzeski

    Bill Brzeski Production Design

  27. Photo of Paul Sonski

    Paul Sonski Production Design

  28. Photo of Lisa K. Sessions

    Lisa K. Sessions Production Design

  29. Photo of Joel Simon

    Joel Simon Producer

  30. Photo of Bernie Goldmann

    Bernie Goldmann Producer

  31. Photo of Paula Weinstein

    Paula Weinstein Producer

  32. Photo of Rick Finney

    Rick Finney Editing

  33. Photo of Marshall Harvey

    Marshall Harvey Editing

  34. Photo of Mark A. Mangini

    Mark A. Mangini Sound

  35. Photo of Mary E. Vogt

    Mary E. Vogt Costume Design