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  1. Photo of Jacques Baratier

    Jacques Baratier Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Eric Ollivier

    Eric Ollivier Screenplay

  3. Photo of Claude Rich

    Claude Rich Cast

  4. Photo of Monique Tarbès

    Monique Tarbès Cast

  5. Photo of Jacques Dufilho

    Jacques Dufilho Cast

  6. Photo of Pierre Brasseur

    Pierre Brasseur Cast

  7. Photo of Elsa Martinelli

    Elsa Martinelli Cast

  8. Photo of Danielle Darrieux

    Danielle Darrieux Cast

  9. Photo of Noël Roquevert

    Noël Roquevert Cast

  10. Photo of Jean Tissier

    Jean Tissier Cast

  11. Photo of Annie Cordy

    Annie Cordy Cast

  12. Photo of Fernand Sardou

    Fernand Sardou Cast

  13. Photo of Pierre Repp

    Pierre Repp Cast

  14. Photo of Bénédicte Lacoste

    Bénédicte Lacoste Cast

  15. Photo of Dino Mele

    Dino Mele Cast

  16. Photo of Roland Lesaffre

    Roland Lesaffre Cast

  17. Photo of René-Jean Chauffard

    René-Jean Chauffard Cast

  18. Photo of Catherine Darey

    Catherine Darey Cast

  19. Photo of Christian Marin

    Christian Marin Cast

  20. Photo of Charles Trenet

    Charles Trenet Cast

  21. Photo of Henri Virlojeux

    Henri Virlojeux Cast

  22. Photo of Henri Raichi

    Henri Raichi Cinematography

  23. Photo of Michel Colombier

    Michel Colombier Music

  24. Photo of Jacques Gut

    Jacques Gut Production Design

  25. Photo of Néna Baratier

    Néna Baratier Editing