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  1. Photo of René Dupont

    René Dupont Executive Producer

  2. Photo of Charles Parker

    Charles Parker Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Jules Buck

    Jules Buck Producer

  4. Photo of Joseph Conrad

    Joseph Conrad Screenplay

  5. Photo of Richard Brooks

    Richard Brooks Screenplay, Producer Director

  6. Photo of Freddie Young

    Freddie Young Cinematography

  7. Photo of Peter O'Toole

    Peter O'Toole Cast and Producer

  8. Photo of James Mason

    James Mason Cast

  9. Photo of Curd Jürgens

    Curd Jürgens Cast

  10. Photo of Eli Wallach

    Eli Wallach Cast

  11. Photo of Jack Hawkins

    Jack Hawkins Cast

  12. Photo of Paul Lukas

    Paul Lukas Cast

  13. Photo of Daliah Lavi

    Daliah Lavi Cast

  14. Photo of Akim Tamiroff

    Akim Tamiroff Cast

  15. Photo of Jûzô Itami

    Jûzô Itami Cast

  16. Photo of Tatsuo Saitô

    Tatsuo Saitô Cast

  17. Photo of Andrew Keir

    Andrew Keir Cast

  18. Photo of Jack MacGowran

    Jack MacGowran Cast

  19. Photo of Eric Young

    Eric Young Cast

  20. Photo of Noel Purcell

    Noel Purcell Cast

  21. Photo of Walter Gotell

    Walter Gotell Cast

  22. Photo of Rafiq Anwar

    Rafiq Anwar Cast

  23. Photo of Marne Maitland

    Marne Maitland Cast

  24. Photo of Newton Blick

    Newton Blick Cast

  25. Photo of A.J. Brown

    A.J. Brown Cast

  26. Photo of Alan Osbiston

    Alan Osbiston Editing

  27. Photo of Geoffrey Drake

    Geoffrey Drake Production Design

  28. Photo of Bronisłau Kaper

    Bronisłau Kaper Music

  29. Photo of Paddy Cunningham

    Paddy Cunningham Sound

  30. Photo of Chris Greenham

    Chris Greenham Sound

  31. Photo of Bob Jones

    Bob Jones Sound

  32. Photo of Phyllis Dalton

    Phyllis Dalton Costume Design