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  1. Photo of Mary Ann Fisher

    Mary Ann Fisher Director

  2. Photo of Howard R. Cohen

    Howard R. Cohen Screenplay

  3. Photo of Daryl Haney

    Daryl Haney Screenplay and Cast

  4. Photo of Bradford Dillman

    Bradford Dillman Cast

  5. Photo of Priscilla Barnes

    Priscilla Barnes Cast

  6. Photo of Mel Ryane

    Mel Ryane Cast

  7. Photo of Eb Lottimer

    Eb Lottimer Cast

  8. Photo of Richard Young

    Richard Young Cast

  9. Photo of Stephen Davies

    Stephen Davies Cast

  10. Photo of John Lafayette

    John Lafayette Cast

  11. Photo of Austin McKinney

    Austin McKinney Cinematography

  12. Photo of Janusz Kaminski

    Janusz Kaminski Cinematography

  13. Photo of Kathleen B. Cooper

    Kathleen B. Cooper Production Design

  14. Photo of Roger Corman

    Roger Corman Producer and Cast

  15. Photo of Nina Gilberti

    Nina Gilberti Editing

  16. Photo of Pamela Winn-Barnett

    Pamela Winn-Barnett Editing

  17. Photo of Michael Clark

    Michael Clark Sound

  18. Photo of Troy Myers

    Troy Myers Art Department

  19. Photo of Steve Cotroneo

    Steve Cotroneo Special Effects

  20. Photo of Robert Skotak

    Robert Skotak Visual Effects

  21. Photo of Crit Killen

    Crit Killen Visual Effects

  22. Photo of Ray Greer

    Ray Greer Visual Effects