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  1. Renton47's rating of the film Lorna's Silence

    Rewatch. Masters of pace, complicity, moral dilemma. One of their bleakest expressions of the dehumanising qualities of modern society. I think of their films as defined, purposeful for how info is parsed, which can ignore how thorny the details they elide can be (and this has some big ones). The hand holding the water bowl and when Lorna chases after the bike are moments that moved me a lot.

  2. I.Camera's rating of the film Lorna's Silence

    This film is hardly expanding the Dardenne's usual themes and low key filmmaking, but features some great performances from Dobroshi, as a determined woman increasingly weighted by her conscience, and Renier, her junkie fake husband, a man clinging on to the nearest supportive person. In an opportunistic world that treats them as means to financial ends, these characters have constructed a sad, personal morality.

  3. Fabio Osvaldo Carta's rating of the film Lorna's Silence

  4. kartina obskura's rating of the film Lorna's Silence

    not even in germany you need a prescription for buscopan, come on. also, buscopan is shit, ranisan is real deal (not really important for the film but important for people with chronic stomach pains)// i love dardenne brothers

  5. Lynch/Fellini's rating of the film Lorna's Silence

    Another strong film from The Dardenne Brothers. This one being their most ambiguous exploration of the morality of illegal immigration, a theme previously explored in Le Promesse and examined afterwards in The Unknown Girl.

  6. FISCHER's rating of the film Lorna's Silence

    Comme sa petite soeur anglaise Angie d' "It's a free world" qui elle aussi avait tenté de sur(vivre) et d'accéder à ses rêves de réussite sociale, évinçant tout questionnement moral gênant, Lorna incarne, avec force et malaise, une nouvelle internationale de la misère, non plus matérielle, mais éthique qui ne rechigne pas à exploiter bien plus démunis dans une triomphante logique amorale et barbare.www.cinefiches.com

  7. anacecil's rating of the film Lorna's Silence

    Una película muy diferente que nos lleva hacia la ética, los miedos, la muerte

  8. Il secondo maestro del revolver's rating of the film Lorna's Silence

  9. ammar's rating of the film Lorna's Silence

  10. tenonder's rating of the film Lorna's Silence

  11. Andrew Miller's rating of the film Lorna's Silence

    The Dardennes experiment with ellipsis, so that we can see what can slip away between a cut.

  12. OldGermanCurrency's rating of the film Lorna's Silence

  13. Bilan's rating of the film Lorna's Silence

    like all theirs films, amazing good and realistic acting, within a great mise-en-scene and simple but useful cinematography!

  14. Steve G.'s rating of the film Lorna's Silence

    Arta Dobroshi's beautiful performance is the fulcrum that the Dardennes' occasionally flawed drama really does need. A couple of doubtful relationship twists are the film's main problem but outside of that, this is an impressively human take on addiction and marriages of convenience.

  15. ascope's rating of the film Lorna's Silence

    Would have given it three stars if it wasn't for the ending and some dodgy time lapses… good acting though and a believable story for the most part

  16. Nikola Enchev's rating of the film Lorna's Silence

    An unpleasant group of unlikable individuals, criminals, in fact, slowly accomplish ethically questionable and downright immoral acts for dubious purposes. The supposed realism to me feels flat and unrehearsed - a lot like the silent and simple characters of old action computer games. This is an inconsequential story about uninspiring people and the haphazard and bland camera doesn't help.

  17. david's rating of the film Lorna's Silence

    Transition to the mainstream? In fact this is another dry, rough, hard film by the Dardennes, where there is never a glimpse of sunrise. A punch of realism about the EU, a tough commentary about the morality of individuals, and questionably, a lyrical finale that the authors use to avoid giving to the movie the necessarily dramatic conclusion. Worth watching, far from a masterpiece.

  18. Steve Thompson's rating of the film Lorna's Silence

    Although you can read this as an accomplished psychological thriller, the completely convincing realism and the perfectly judged performances really take it beyond the obvious conventions of genre. The Dardenne brothers seem able to find some redemption in even the bleakest and most desolate areas of experience. This film is not only typical of their work in that respect but also perhaps their finest to date.

  19. janh24's rating of the film Lorna's Silence

    One of les freres Dardennes' more uneven works, but still nothing short of a fine film.

  20. Katerina's rating of the film Lorna's Silence

  21. El Biffo's rating of the film Lorna's Silence

    Not one of Dardennes' best, but still great.

  22. Ben Wheeler's rating of the film Lorna's Silence

    Another powerful human drama from the Dardennes. It's physical, compelling, and, for the most part, feels truthful. I wasn't as convinced with the character arc as I have been with their other films...there was something a little expositional and obvious about Lorna muttering the subtext throughout the last scenes. But the film is powerful overall...great characters moving in an intriguing world.

  23. Harry Rossi's rating of the film Lorna's Silence

    Its not my favorite by them but I really don't know why this is considered a lesser Dardenne bros film. I found it to be just incredible. Riveting, beautiful performances, and incredibly sad and dark. Perhaps not their most strictly realistic plot but I was so taken with the style and characters I could care less. Combine that with the usual great Dardenne visuals and you got yourself one intense movie experience.

  24. the.deft.one's rating of the film Lorna's Silence

    A questionable plot and a baffling decision to leave a key narrative scene out of the film means despite the good intentions and the interesting moral themes at stake here, it’s an increasingly convoluted story that left me longing for the simplistic beauty of their excellent The Son.

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