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  1. Photo of Marco Ferreri

    Marco Ferreri Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Leonardo Martín

    Leonardo Martín Screenplay

  3. Photo of José Luis García

    José Luis García Cast

  4. Photo of Joaquín Cascales Zarzo

    Joaquín Cascales Zarzo Cast

  5. Photo of Alberto Jiménez

    Alberto Jiménez Cast

  6. Photo of José Sierra

    José Sierra Cast

  7. Photo of Mari Carmen Aymat

    Mari Carmen Aymat Cast

  8. Photo of Ana María Vidal

    Ana María Vidal Cast

  9. Photo of Carmen FrancoMatilde Asencio

    Carmen FrancoMatilde Asencio Cast

  10. Photo of Concha Gómez Conde

    Concha Gómez Conde Cast

  11. Photo of Félix Dafauce

    Félix Dafauce Cast

  12. Photo of Rosario García Ortega

    Rosario García Ortega Cast

  13. Photo of María Luisa Ponte

    María Luisa Ponte Cast

  14. Photo of Carlos Díaz de Mendoza

    Carlos Díaz de Mendoza Cast

  15. Photo of Tilma Galy

    Tilma Galy Cast

  16. Photo of Elías García

    Elías García Cast

  17. Photo of Francisco Sempere

    Francisco Sempere Cinematography

  18. Photo of Miguel Asins Arbó

    Miguel Asins Arbó Music

  19. Photo of Francisco Canet

    Francisco Canet Production Design

  20. Photo of Francisco Prósper

    Francisco Prósper Production Design

  21. Photo of José Antonio Rojo

    José Antonio Rojo Editing

  22. Photo of Gabriel Basagaña

    Gabriel Basagaña Sound

  23. Photo of Jaime Torrens

    Jaime Torrens Sound

  24. Photo of Maruja Hernáiz

    Maruja Hernáiz Costume Design