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  1. Photo of Lisandro Alonso

    Lisandro Alonso Director, Screenplay, Editing Production Design

  2. Photo of Argentino Vargas

    Argentino Vargas Cast

  3. Photo of Ángel Vera

    Ángel Vera Cast

  4. Photo of Yolanda Galarza

    Yolanda Galarza Cast

  5. Photo of Víctor Varela

    Víctor Varela Cast

  6. Photo of Francisco Salazar

    Francisco Salazar Cast

  7. Photo of Francisco Dornez

    Francisco Dornez Cast

  8. Photo of Hilda Chamorro

    Hilda Chamorro Cast

  9. Photo of Cobi Migliora

    Cobi Migliora Cinematography

  10. Photo of Flor Maleva

    Flor Maleva Music

  11. Photo of IIse Hughan

    IIse Hughan Producer

  12. Photo of Marianne Slot

    Marianne Slot Producer

  13. Photo of Florencia Enghel

    Florencia Enghel Executive Producer

  14. Photo of Vanessa Ragone

    Vanessa Ragone Executive Producer

  15. Photo of Ezequiel Borovinsky

    Ezequiel Borovinsky Editing