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  1. Photo of Edwin Rosskam

    Edwin Rosskam Producer, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Amílcar Tirado

    Amílcar Tirado Screenplay, Cast

  3. Photo of Jesús Figueroa

    Jesús Figueroa Cinematography

  4. Photo of Gabriel Tirado

    Gabriel Tirado Cinematography

  5. Photo of Ramón Rivero

    Ramón Rivero Cast

  6. Photo of Miriam Colon

    Miriam Colon Cast

  7. Photo of José Manuel Matos

    José Manuel Matos Cast

  8. Photo of Perín Vásquez

    Perín Vásquez Cast

  9. Photo of Manuel San Fernando

    Manuel San Fernando Editing

  10. Photo of John Hawes

    John Hawes Production Design

  11. Photo of Jack Delano

    Jack Delano Music, Director

  12. Photo of Héctor Moll

    Héctor Moll Sound