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  1. Thomas's rating of the film Los Sures

  2. Brian Gutierrez's rating of the film Los Sures

    A great window into a time and place that no linger exists, even if you currently stand where it was once filmed. The moments into these people's lives is what made me be there with them. Choosing to be right tin the kitchen and down to the sidewalk with them made them all the more real.

  3. msmichel's rating of the film Los Sures

    A time capsule look at Williamsburg circa '83 long before the so-called urban renewal. A snapshot of the Puerto Rican community of the Los Sures neighbourhood.

  4. superbaby's rating of the film Los Sures

    Loved it! I guess I like 'slices of life' type docs w/o a specified message... tho this film was certainly made for a reason. Also, love the period.

  5. panagiotatos's rating of the film Los Sures

    Powerful documentary, focusing on the lives of everyday people in a poor ghetto, inhabited mostly by Puerto Ricans, in New York in the 80's. A small but vivid piece of New York history.

  6. dmol's rating of the film Los Sures

    The director zooms in on authentic everyday moments that could be so easily passed by, yet this is what we're missing. There are "too many cars" in the world, like one of the characters said, and that speed often doesn't let you see the value of what's around. The people along with him speak honestly, without masks, and their words are absolutely spot on. Great work.

  7. mpho3's rating of the film Los Sures

    "At that time, a film about a poor community of Puerto Ricans that was marginalized in New York was not a subject that would reach many areas of the country. That’s why it’s so rewarding to see this new generation looking at the film, having this film speak back to them. It’s such a wonderful surprise." - Diego Echeverria in a 2016 interview w/ Julia Felsenthal, Vogue

  8. Levi Miah's rating of the film Los Sures

    A beautifully intimate slice of 1980s NYC class disparity told through several engaging characters, all following different paths but converging within Los Sures and always aiming for a better future for others around them.

  9. Yokna HASEGAWA's rating of the film Los Sures

    interesting,beautiful film. The faces of lovable people in the street. The witness of the Time. And the street itself is living.

  10. rut's rating of the film Los Sures

    Me quede perpleja con este filme sobre los puertorriquenos de Williamsburg en Brooklyn. En el 2007 vivi unos meses en Brooklyn he igual escuchaba de lo peligroso que era. Realmente vale la pena verlo, me lo disfrute muchisimo.

  11. Calista's rating of the film Los Sures

    I like the fact that this documentary does not feel overly curated. As a viewer you explore mid- eighties Williamsburg through some of the residents' lives. It does not shy away from the drugs and violence but also reveals a sense of community which, at times, is extremely moving.

  12. Ryan Swen's rating of the film Los Sures

    Should have stuck with the style of the introduction, but possesses no small amount of verve and immediacy.

  13. Will Thede's rating of the film Los Sures

    Fantastic portrait of a community that no longer exists. Next time I walk through gentrified hipster Williamsburg this powerful documentary is undoubtedly going to be on my mind.

  14. Lianna Fowler's rating of the film Los Sures

    A great insight into life in Williamsburg in the 80's. Really good choice of characters.

  15. Zac Weber's rating of the film Los Sures

    Diego Echevarria captures the intimate moments of creativity and vibrancy that blossom out of the day-to-day struggle in Los Sures. I was particularly intrigued by the lives of Tito and Marta and the timelessness of the hardships they endure.

  16. captainfez's rating of the film Los Sures

  17. dAlton Anthony's rating of the film Los Sures

    This should be mandatory viewing for any hipster moving into the hood. At just under one hour, Los Sures is an excellent tool for educators in Urban Studies, Geography, Race, Ethnicity and migration. Capitalism....we see you.

  18. Tyler Barton's rating of the film Los Sures

    Very straight forward, very interesting. I'd love to see more films like this on Mubi. I was curious about the people in this documentary and found a strange follow up from a couple of years ago on called "89 Steps" - it's an "interactive video" that catches you up with Marta, who still lives in South Williamsburg.

  19. James Navarro's rating of the film Los Sures

    Boomboxes, pentecostals, food stamps, breakdancing, Puerto Rican social clubs, Arabian Knights, piraguas, Kool Man . . . this short documentary about my hood in 84' bringing back memories

  20. Madeline Mckinzie's rating of the film Los Sures

    Overall, this is a really good film. Including several different people from the community, was a good decision on the film makers behalf. Rather than just showing the community for one person's perspective. The way this movie was filmed gave the viewers a better understanding of the Los Sures community, and made it more of a solid film. I would definitely recommend this film to others.

  21. miles's rating of the film Los Sures

    reminded me of dark days, good little document.

  22. Jennifer Weeks's rating of the film Los Sures

    Great choice of subjects, they had some surprisingly profound things to say and their personalities really carried the film. I wonder where all these families have gone since being (presumably) priced out of this area...

  23. Moyzen's rating of the film Los Sures

    Excellent! A time capsule that provides a glimpse into a part of Latinx history. A great piece that beautifully captures the struggles of individuals and a community. Just as relevant today as it was in 1984. "I've learned how to hurt, it's easy to learn how to hurt. It's been harder to learn how to love" -Evelyn Borges (featured cast member).

  24. Alina Dimofte's rating of the film Los Sures

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