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Ratings & Reviews

  1. grassybrownie's rating of the film Lost and Found

    gosh I just love them so much

  2. armsoreal's rating of the film Lost and Found

    typical (in a good sense) hong kong romantic comedy. this is my definition of deadpan humor. except for the unnecessarily long sequences in scotland (which is understandable since they went all the way there to film..), this was a lovely and engaging watch from start to finish. (side note: i like both kelly chen and takeshi kaneshiro but for some reason it feels so odd seeing them together in a movie.)

  3. Elvia Francis's rating of the film Lost and Found

    Song: "Dance Me To The End Of Love" by Leonard Cohen. Wardrobe by Jean Paul Gaultier, Diesel, (Hong Kong store) D. Mop, and Kookaï Paris. Makeup by Galénic Paris. / I'm on a Takeshi Kaneshiro marathon. This is such a lovely dark, romantic comedy! And Michael Wong is an American (he's from New York) - hello, that accent isn't European, but I almost believed he could be a Scotsman.