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132 Ratings

Lost and Love

失孤 | Shi Gu

Directed by Peng Sanyuan
China, Hong Kong, 2015
  • Mandarin
  • English


After his young son goes missing, a farmer goes on a 15-year search for the truth. In this road drama, Anhui meets Zhang Shuai, a car mechanic who was once abducted and is searching for his parents. Together, the two men go on a journey to find their stolen lives.

Our take

A gorgeous debut, Peng Sanyuan’s film tackles the issue of child abduction in China with refined performances from Jing Boran and Hong Kong star Andy Lau. Their quest takes them across the country’s stunningly diverse landscapes in order to find their missing family members.

Lost and Love Directed by Peng Sanyuan

What are people saying?

  • Loz Loory's rating of the film Lost and Love

    Beautiful cinematography, but the script feels schmaltzy and Hollywood-ized, as though the film were treading carefully around any possibility of annoying the censors. (Tell us more about the system for making people legal so they can ride trains?) Some nice moments between the two leads as they buddy around. Lau has a great screen presence.

  • Jim's rating of the film Lost and Love

    Pro: Superb cinematography and locations. Picturesque countrysides, bustling cities, and imposing infrastructure- a visual tour through the scope and contrasts of modern China. Con: Script and score are shamelessly sentimental, like Hallmark Channel bad, which ultimately trivializes the film's grave subject matter. A promising, if unsophisticated, debut. Worth watching if you're interested in the region.

  • Kailey Lechner's rating of the film Lost and Love

    Lost and Love is heart-punching and a tearjerker. The actors/actresses were astonishing with their ability to portray emotions of grieving parents. Very beautiful cinematography, and a good message that shows the truth of China’s human-trafficking. It is the worst feeling any person can go through, and Lost and Love showed the horrors of it all.

  • anna conneally's rating of the film Lost and Love

    There's no denying this film was pretty corny in parts - the score was painfully so. Andy Lau's performance as a desperate father is affecting. What I really liked about this film were the beautiful and varied shots of China - the night market, the mountains, vast highways, city lights.

  • Pok's rating of the film Lost and Love

    Toca un tema relevante, pero con un acercamiento demasiado convencional, superficial e incluso melodramático. De todas formas, una de las historias tiene un final satisfactorio con gran peso emotivo y la otra, que brinda la conclusión de la película, queda acertadamente abierta.

  • Gallus's rating of the film Lost and Love

    The reviews in here are being too kind o this movie: a massive, maudlin disappointment. I really wanted this movie to be good. Although it has good intentions, two main leads with decent performances, sensible direction, and an interesting story with infinite possibilities, the characters barely spend time building chemistry and are replaced by sappy music, choppy editing and discarded plot points (e.g. the mother.)

  • Elijah T.'s rating of the film Lost and Love

    I like it. Really glad it changed pace at just the right moment to keep me from turning it off. The interactions between the two main characters went from being just two dudes journeying together to something comically relatable... and a bit adorable. Some nice camera work here and there that left me longing for it to linger more at certain points.

  • Laurie Heath's rating of the film Lost and Love

    This is such a sad, heart breaking story of a man searching for 15 years for his abducted son. As a parent, I can feel his sadness and see his determination to find his son. The movie covers child abduction and human trafficking in China. There are elements of the movie that could be improved on but for the quality of the film, it did a good job on getting the emotional components to the audience.

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