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  1. Photo of Ricardo Freixa

    Ricardo Freixa Executive Producer

  2. Photo of Anne Gonand

    Anne Gonand Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Natalio Koziner

    Natalio Koziner Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Anne Conand

    Anne Conand Producer

  5. Photo of Sylvette Desmeuzes-Balland

    Sylvette Desmeuzes-Balland Producer

  6. Photo of Jean-Bernard Fetoux

    Jean-Bernard Fetoux Producer

  7. Photo of Jorge Estrada Mora

    Jorge Estrada Mora Producer

  8. Photo of Gérard Vaugeois

    Gérard Vaugeois Producer

  9. Photo of Valérie Vaugeois

    Valérie Vaugeois Producer

  10. Photo of José Pablo Feinmann

    José Pablo Feinmann Screenplay

  11. Photo of Eduardo de Gregorio

    Eduardo de Gregorio Screenplay and Director

  12. Photo of Roberto Scheuer

    Roberto Scheuer Screenplay

  13. Photo of Suzanne Schiffman

    Suzanne Schiffman Screenplay

  14. Photo of Charles Tesson

    Charles Tesson Screenplay

  15. Photo of Willi Behnisch

    Willi Behnisch Cinematography

  16. Photo of Jose Maria Hermo

    Jose Maria Hermo Cinematography

  17. Photo of Patrick Thibaut

    Patrick Thibaut Cinematography

  18. Photo of Laura Morante

    Laura Morante Cast

  19. Photo of Tchéky Karyo

    Tchéky Karyo Cast

  20. Photo of Gerardo Romano

    Gerardo Romano Cast

  21. Photo of Georges Claisse

    Georges Claisse Cast

  22. Photo of María Vaner

    María Vaner Cast

  23. Photo of Lucrecia Capello

    Lucrecia Capello Cast

  24. Photo of Osvaldo Bonet

    Osvaldo Bonet Cast

  25. Photo of Osvaldo Santoro

    Osvaldo Santoro Cast

  26. Photo of Alberto Busaid

    Alberto Busaid Cast

  27. Photo of Henny Trayles

    Henny Trayles Cast

  28. Photo of Inés Estévez

    Inés Estévez Cast

  29. Photo of Monica Tozer

    Monica Tozer Cast

  30. Photo of Pablo Moret

    Pablo Moret Cast

  31. Photo of Gaston Troiano

    Gaston Troiano Cast

  32. Photo of Rubén Bermúdez

    Rubén Bermúdez Cast

  33. Photo of Roberto Fiore

    Roberto Fiore Cast

  34. Photo of Tito Haas

    Tito Haas Cast

  35. Photo of Ernesto Torchia

    Ernesto Torchia Cast

  36. Photo of Mónica Escudero

    Mónica Escudero Cast

  37. Photo of Cesar Pierry

    Cesar Pierry Cast

  38. Photo of Emilio Corbella

    Emilio Corbella Cast

  39. Photo of Daniel Alvarado

    Daniel Alvarado Cast

  40. Photo of Santiago Doria

    Santiago Doria Cast

  41. Photo of Jorge Sabate

    Jorge Sabate Cast

  42. Photo of Monica Guinzburg

    Monica Guinzburg Cast

  43. Photo of Sylvia Guinzburg

    Sylvia Guinzburg Cast

  44. Photo of Coly Bernal

    Coly Bernal Cast

  45. Photo of Nicole Lubtchansky

    Nicole Lubtchansky Editing

  46. Photo of Cristiana Tullio-Altan

    Cristiana Tullio-Altan Editing

  47. Photo of Emilio Basaldua

    Emilio Basaldua Production Design

  48. Photo of Ramiro Cesio

    Ramiro Cesio Production Design

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