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  1. Photo of Terence Fisher

    Terence Fisher Director

  2. Photo of David Evans

    David Evans Screenplay

  3. Photo of Muriel Box

    Muriel Box Screenplay

  4. Photo of Sydney Box

    Sydney Box Screenplay

  5. Photo of Frank Harvey

    Frank Harvey Screenplay

  6. Photo of Mai Zetterling

    Mai Zetterling Cast

  7. Photo of Robert Beatty

    Robert Beatty Cast

  8. Photo of Guy Rolfe

    Guy Rolfe Cast

  9. Photo of Herbert Lom

    Herbert Lom Cast

  10. Photo of Patrick Holt

    Patrick Holt Cast

  11. Photo of Arnold Marlé

    Arnold Marlé Cast

  12. Photo of Sybille Binder

    Sybille Binder Cast

  13. Photo of Thora Hird

    Thora Hird Cast

  14. Photo of Gerard Heinz

    Gerard Heinz Cast

  15. Photo of Yvonne Owen

    Yvonne Owen Cast

  16. Photo of John Blythe

    John Blythe Cast

  17. Photo of Philo Hauser

    Philo Hauser Cast

  18. Photo of George Thorpe

    George Thorpe Cast

  19. Photo of Cyril Chamberlain

    Cyril Chamberlain Cast

  20. Photo of Eric Pohlmann

    Eric Pohlmann Cast

  21. Photo of Antony Darnborough

    Antony Darnborough Producer

  22. Photo of J. Arthur Rank

    J. Arthur Rank Producer

  23. Photo of Benjamin Frankel

    Benjamin Frankel Music

  24. Photo of Jack Asher

    Jack Asher Cinematography

  25. Photo of Vladimir Sagovsky

    Vladimir Sagovsky Editing

  26. Photo of John Elphick

    John Elphick Production Design

  27. Photo of George Provis

    George Provis Production Design