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  1. Jaspar Lamar Crabb's rating of the film Lost Horizon

  2. Howard_Bannister's rating of the film Lost Horizon

    Hardly the disaster of legend. Sticks pretty close to the narrative of the 1937 version. The oddball cast is occasionally distracting as is the musical score - an odd misfire in the Bacharach canon. I do like that the lead in both versions (Ronald Colman, Peter Finch) both look like they lived a life of too many cocktails and cigarettes yet still manage to trek through the Himalayas alone - twice.

  3. Scout Tafoya's rating of the film Lost Horizon

    What kind of just and loving god would let this happen?

  4. rocope's rating of the film Lost Horizon

    HORIZONTE PERDIDO é daqueles filmes que tocam mais pelo subtexto do que pela realização. Uma análise técnica indicaria um filme sofrível, com bons atores em momentos constrangedores. Porém, o "mito" de Shangri-la é pertinente. O local onde você só precisa se preocupar em ser quem você é e não tentar caber no modelo social que lhe impõem é algo a se desejar. Nota: B

  5. Roscoe's rating of the film Lost Horizon

    A fascinating train wreck of a movie. Much has been said of the laughable songs and OMFG production numbers (you won't believe the Celebration of the Family sequence) but what really amazes is the way Charles Jarrott gets actors like Liv Ullmann look so painfully uncomfortable and frankly amateurish. Only Charles Boyer manages to summon anything like dignity and basic humanity -- he's genuinely moving.