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  1. Photo of Anthony Andrews

    Anthony Andrews Cast and Producer

  2. Photo of Vladimir Ilyin

    Vladimir Ilyin Cast

  3. Photo of Yelena Majorova

    Yelena Majorova Cast

  4. Photo of Irina Mikhalyova

    Irina Mikhalyova Cast

  5. Photo of Aleksandr Gureyev

    Aleksandr Gureyev Cast

  6. Photo of Valentin Gaft

    Valentin Gaft Cast

  7. Photo of Aleksei Zharkov

    Aleksei Zharkov Cast

  8. Photo of Natalya Gundareva

    Natalya Gundareva Cast

  9. Photo of Zinovi Gerdt

    Zinovi Gerdt Cast

  10. Photo of Aleksandr Mitta

    Aleksandr Mitta Director and Screenplay

  11. Photo of James Brabazon

    James Brabazon Screenplay

  12. Photo of Valeri Frid

    Valeri Frid Screenplay

  13. Photo of Yuriy Korotkov

    Yuriy Korotkov Screenplay

  14. Photo of Benjamin Brahms

    Benjamin Brahms Executive Producer

  15. Photo of Garik Gasparyan

    Garik Gasparyan Producer

  16. Photo of Alexander Moody

    Alexander Moody Producer

  17. Photo of Leonid Desyatnikov

    Leonid Desyatnikov Music

  18. Photo of Vladimir Shevtsik

    Vladimir Shevtsik Cinematography

  19. Photo of Anthony Sloman

    Anthony Sloman Editing

  20. Photo of Nadezhda Veselyovskaya

    Nadezhda Veselyovskaya Editing

  21. Photo of Vitali Klimenkov

    Vitali Klimenkov Production Design

  22. Photo of Valeri Yurkevich

    Valeri Yurkevich Production Design