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  1. Photo of Irwin Allen

    Irwin Allen Executive Producer and Director

  2. Photo of Guy Williams

    Guy Williams Cast

  3. Photo of June Lockhart

    June Lockhart Cast

  4. Photo of Jonathan Harris

    Jonathan Harris Cast

  5. Photo of Bill Mumy

    Bill Mumy Cast

  6. Photo of Mark Goddard

    Mark Goddard Cast

  7. Photo of Marta Kristen

    Marta Kristen Cast

  8. Photo of Angela Cartwright

    Angela Cartwright Cast

  9. Photo of Robby the Robot

    Robby the Robot Cast

  10. Photo of John Williams

    John Williams Music

  11. Photo of Alexander Singer

    Alexander Singer Director

  12. Photo of Harry Harris

    Harry Harris Director

  13. Photo of Sutton Roley

    Sutton Roley Director

  14. Photo of Sobey Martin

    Sobey Martin Director

  15. Photo of Don Richardson

    Don Richardson Director

  16. Photo of Jerry Juran

    Jerry Juran Director

  17. Photo of Shimon Wincelberg

    Shimon Wincelberg Screenplay

  18. Photo of Peter Packer

    Peter Packer Screenplay

  19. Photo of Barney Slater

    Barney Slater Screenplay

  20. Photo of William Welch

    William Welch Screenplay

  21. Photo of Robert Hamner

    Robert Hamner Screenplay

  22. Photo of Carey Wilbur

    Carey Wilbur Screenplay

  23. Photo of Jackson Gillis

    Jackson Gillis Screenplay