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  1. Photo of Susanne Malorny

    Susanne Malorny Director

  2. Photo of Joana Ferreira

    Joana Ferreira Producer

  3. Photo of Isabel Machado

    Isabel Machado Producer

  4. Photo of Nina Hoegg

    Nina Hoegg Cinematography

  5. Photo of Marcelo Felix

    Marcelo Felix Editing

  6. Photo of Susanne Malorny

    Susanne Malorny Editing

  7. Photo of Isabel Dias Martins

    Isabel Dias Martins Sound

  8. Photo of Sofia Afonso

    Sofia Afonso Sound

  9. Photo of Rúben Costa

    Rúben Costa Sound

  10. Photo of Karlheinz Essl

    Karlheinz Essl Music

  11. Photo of Isabel Ettenauer

    Isabel Ettenauer Music

  12. Photo of Marco Raaphorst

    Marco Raaphorst Music