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  1. anarresti's rating of the film Louis and the Nazis

    This was in the back of my mind. (Remembered I watched it, and several other Louis' docs some years ago, when I saw someone else's review). Louis Theroux seems the bravest, most candid guy you can have. And he does his job. He does not want to make a spectacle or confirm clichés. He wants to know, like a journalist. Armed with curiosity and a will to inform, he goes places.

  2. © <',))( Astro-Tofupraxographer's rating of the film Louis and the Nazis

  3. Partner in der Kriminalität's rating of the film Louis and the Nazis

    Highly recommended. I felt like Tom Metzger was really not as racist as he tried to make himself seem. Toward the end when he goes to the Spanish guys house really drives home that point. And I'm still confused about what Tom's manager had to do with anything. I feel like Tom was trying to make himself seem more important than he really was. Case and point when they were in Mexico. Good documentary tho.

  4. pivic's rating of the film Louis and the Nazis

    This is quite an enlightening documentary, from a humanistic standpoint. Theroux's way of conducting interviews is quite straightforward as he intentionally does not let his own persona get in the way of his questions and standpoints, which are steadfast and intelligent. His meetings with Tom Metzger and Prussian Blue stand out the most as the interviewees are stupid and brain-washed, respectively. Recommended.