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  1. Stian Gledje Bekkvik's rating of the film Louisiana Story

  2. FISCHER's rating of the film Louisiana Story

    Ce chef-d'oeuvre du film "documentaire", à l'origine, une commande de la Standard Oil Campany de New Jersey, est un splendide poème écologique qui nécessita pas moins de 100.000 mètres de pellicule, remontés, après la mort du réalisateur, par un jeune chercheur universitaire (dix-huit heures de projection)

  3. weinbrandbabsi's rating of the film Louisiana Story

    3.5, one point of which is "OMG, A RACOON" only

  4. EdieEmm's rating of the film Louisiana Story

    Hands down the loveliest bit of corporate apologism on film. Charming, exciting, beautifully shot. Probably worth selling out to Big Oil for those shots in the derrick, don't you figure? Some of the most masterful visual poetry of industry recorded! Plus that cutie & his family & his show-stealing raccoon (Jojo!) Sure was nice how capitalism trickled down on them in the end. No Un-American activities here; no siree!

  5. msmichel's rating of the film Louisiana Story

    '98 restoration Beautifully shot but narratively weak film from Robert J. Flaherty that looks at the change that comes to the bayou for a young boy when an oil company begins to drill. Naturalistic with beautiful black and white photography by Richard Leacock and a fine score by Virgil Thomson. Hardly a contrary word is evoked as film was tellingly funded by the standard oil company....go figure.

  6. Nunox's rating of the film Louisiana Story

  7. db's rating of the film Louisiana Story

    Beautiful score. A quietly extraordinary viewing experience, quite unlike anything I've ever seen.

  8.'s rating of the film Louisiana Story

    One of the best anti-ecologist manifesto ever filmed...Amazing cinematography as usual for Flaherty the Docufiction father...and great Music Score...One thing is sure: Edward Abbey would not be proud...Granted for Standard Oil co, the popularity of Flaherty was used to create a propagandistic artefact to justify the petrol industry...In spite of its indeniable quality due to its double moral is a Dangerous film...

  9. Stefan Drees's rating of the film Louisiana Story

    The animal and swamp sequences are brillant, but I have a bad feeling about the rest. The movie tries to make propaganda for the heroes of the oil business, and Virgil Thomson's score underlines this motivation: While the boy's sequences are underlined with charming playful, naive and sometimes dramatic music, the arrival of the derrick is emphasized with an emphatic choral, telling us: Now the Messiah is coming!

  10. Alberto Redighieri's rating of the film Louisiana Story

    Touching and liric. All the first part is a magnificent example how to look the substance of nature trough the camera.

  11. El Biffo's rating of the film Louisiana Story

    This movie ain't perfect, but there's nothing else quite like it. Beasts of The Southern Wild is reminiscent of this film, in some ways. But Flaherty's work stands alone, he's really great; he made Nanook of the North(1922), the first feature length documentary. Great feel, great photography, definitely worth seeing.

  12. Jon's rating of the film Louisiana Story

    Morally muddled, to say the least, but the images are majestic.

  13. εξώτερο Διάστημα's rating of the film Louisiana Story