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  1. ach's rating of the film Lourdes

    I actually dont remeber how it goes

  2. liebermeister's rating of the film Lourdes

    Sehr sehenswerter Film, der mit leisen Tönen und starken Bildern große Fragen stellt.

  3. kowalski's rating of the film Lourdes

    "Sagt die heilige Maria: Lourdes! Da war ich noch nicht..." herrlich, die Österreicher...

  4. Epinephrin's rating of the film Lourdes

    Watched for 20 min, felt asleep for the rest. Slow paced.

  5. Richmond Hill's rating of the film Lourdes

    The Pilgrim's Process (or the business of miracles, more cynically) is blankly observed in this dour study of retractable pieties and commutable devotions. Whilst not anti-clerical (the blank gaze stops short of that), the depiction of the sterile, joyless conduct is rather merciless with the locked camera offering an integrity of surveillance if not reverence for its subject (whether apparent miracle or placebo).

  6. FISCHER's rating of the film Lourdes

    Une oeuvre étonnante, miraculeusement en équilibre entre positive distanciation critique face à la religion et ses croyances surnaturelles et grinçante mise en évidence des indigences de la nature humaine, où se côtoient dans une même bénédiction, envieuse jalousie, grossière indifférence et lourde mesquinerie, sous la permanente présence, insultante et obscène, de quelques grossiers

  7. kinotopia's rating of the film Lourdes

    devastating. hustlers of meekness. the commodification of faith and the volatility of its limitations. the pridefulness embedded in humility.

  8. Nachtreich's rating of the film Lourdes

  9. Alex's rating of the film Lourdes

  10. thivai abhor's rating of the film Lourdes

    Great ensemble acting and directing -- one of those films where it is a pleasure to roam particular scenes and watch the collective creation of the broader environment through separate performative dioramas.

  11. Renton47's rating of the film Lourdes

    Like a less misanthropic sister to Seidl's 'Faith', but perhaps no less cynical, this film depicts the commodification of faith into a state where showbags are the product of your worship. Ascetically realised, what I enjoyed most was the depiction of charity as condescension used to garner self-worth. Perfectly encapsulates a world of people speaking platitudes when all you want is meaning.

  12. xrystyna's rating of the film Lourdes

    several really good shot compositions - one could watch the movie just for those

  13. Valentin Alexandru's rating of the film Lourdes

  14. spiderliliez's rating of the film Lourdes

    It's like meeting real people in need of miracles. I find myself judging its characters faith like a true moron in society, and that's quite a reaction for watching something of fiction. Its realism makes me smile, laugh, and shrug. I like how the director carefully balanced realism and religion. It gives you room for your own interpretations. Then there is Léa Seydoux, singing to "Felicita" — so funny and precious!

  15. mob61uk's rating of the film Lourdes

    For me, this is a near to perfect as you get. Composition, framing and editing are stunnning; characterisations are rounded, and achieved with such economy of writing as well as beautifully understated depth of performance; subject matter is both gently funny and lightly mocking, but never sneering - always with great empathy and understanding for the characters.

  16. AyynaMkay's rating of the film Lourdes

    is it a real miracle if it stop being so in a few days? and does happiness of one person result from unhappiness of another?

  17. msmichel's rating of the film Lourdes

    Fantastic picture from director Jessica Hausner that houses a clever examination of faith, the perception of miracle and the human qualities of jealousy, want and avarice. Testud gives a miracle of a performance here especially her closing scene which is affecting as anything put on celluloid in recent years. Depending on one's own concept of faith this film can have many interpretations and meanings. A must.

  18. Filme's rating of the film Lourdes

    Can't wait to see this movie , because Sylvie Testud was so good in La Vie en rose.

  19. Barbara Ann O'Leary's rating of the film Lourdes

  20. mpho3's rating of the film Lourdes

    a film with a perfect ending

  21. Bill Rosenfield's rating of the film Lourdes

    surprisingly effective but maybe a bit too low key story of one woman's isolation. As a side note it made me never want to go to Lourdes.

  22. Jose Sarmiento Hinojosa's rating of the film Lourdes

    Austerity may be the greatest quality in Jessica's Hausner third film. Despite its ambitious mise-en-scene, Hausner manages to keep a fair balance in her narrative. The ambiguous and the suspenseful remains two of her greatest strenghts, used with the same good hand which made Hotel quite an interesting film. Just looking forward to what her potential can achieve in the future.

  23. Brad Scott's rating of the film Lourdes

    Beautifully ambiguous, and audience score of 80.7 at Forest Row community cinema

  24. Cinema Omnivore's rating of the film Lourdes

    An expectedly good film, my review is here:

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