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  1. Photo of Bo Widerberg

    Bo Widerberg Director, Screenplay Editing

  2. Photo of Kent Andersson

    Kent Andersson Cast

  3. Photo of Thommy Berggren

    Thommy Berggren Cast

  4. Photo of Ben Carruthers

    Ben Carruthers Cast

  5. Photo of Agneta Ekmanner

    Agneta Ekmanner Cast

  6. Photo of Björn Gustafson

    Björn Gustafson Cast

  7. Photo of Ann-Marie Gyllenspetz

    Ann-Marie Gyllenspetz Cast

  8. Photo of Keve Hjelm

    Keve Hjelm Cast

  9. Photo of Eva-Britt Strandberg

    Eva-Britt Strandberg Cast

  10. Photo of Inger Taube

    Inger Taube Cast

  11. Photo of Nina Widerberg

    Nina Widerberg Cast

  12. Photo of Hans Emanuelsson

    Hans Emanuelsson Cinematography

  13. Photo of Jan Lindeström

    Jan Lindeström Cinematography

  14. Photo of Bruno Rådström

    Bruno Rådström Cinematography

  15. Photo of Sven Fahlén

    Sven Fahlén Sound