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  1. Photo of Sion Sono

    Sion Sono Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Takahiro Nishijima

    Takahiro Nishijima Cast

  3. Photo of Hikari Mitsushima

    Hikari Mitsushima Cast

  4. Photo of Sakura Ando

    Sakura Ando Cast

  5. Photo of Makiko Watanabe

    Makiko Watanabe Cast

  6. Photo of Atsuro Watabe

    Atsuro Watabe Cast

  7. Photo of Hiroyuki Onoue

    Hiroyuki Onoue Cast

  8. Photo of Yutaka Shimizu

    Yutaka Shimizu Cast

  9. Photo of Tasuku Nagaoka

    Tasuku Nagaoka Cast

  10. Photo of Sô Hirosawa

    Sô Hirosawa Cast

  11. Photo of Yuko Genkaku

    Yuko Genkaku Cast

  12. Photo of Mami Nakamura

    Mami Nakamura Cast

  13. Photo of Souhei Tanigawa

    Souhei Tanigawa Cinematography

  14. Photo of Tomohide Harada

    Tomohide Harada Music

  15. Photo of Takashi Matsuzuka

    Takashi Matsuzuka Production Design

  16. Photo of Yutaka Morohashi

    Yutaka Morohashi Producer

  17. Photo of Shin'ya Kawai

    Shin'ya Kawai Executive Producer

  18. Photo of Toyoyuki Yokohama

    Toyoyuki Yokohama Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Jun'ichi Itô

    Jun'ichi Itô Editing

  20. Photo of Yasushi Eguchi

    Yasushi Eguchi Sound

  21. Photo of Hajime Komiya

    Hajime Komiya Sound