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  1. Photo of Jonathan Kaplan

    Jonathan Kaplan Director

  2. Photo of Kate Guinzburg

    Kate Guinzburg Executive Producer

  3. Photo of George Goodman

    George Goodman Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Sarah Pillsbury

    Sarah Pillsbury Producer

  5. Photo of Midge Sanford

    Midge Sanford Producer

  6. Photo of Sulla Hamer

    Sulla Hamer Producer

  7. Photo of Don Roos

    Don Roos Screenplay, Producer

  8. Photo of Ralf D. Bode

    Ralf D. Bode Cinematography

  9. Photo of Michelle Pfeiffer

    Michelle Pfeiffer Cast

  10. Photo of Dennis Haysbert

    Dennis Haysbert Cast

  11. Photo of Stephanie McFadden

    Stephanie McFadden Cast

  12. Photo of Brian Kerwin

    Brian Kerwin Cast

  13. Photo of Louise Latham

    Louise Latham Cast

  14. Photo of Peggy Rea

    Peggy Rea Cast

  15. Photo of Beth Grant

    Beth Grant Cast

  16. Photo of Troy Evans

    Troy Evans Cast

  17. Photo of Rhoda Griffis

    Rhoda Griffis Cast

  18. Photo of Bob Gill

    Bob Gill Cast

  19. Photo of Jane Kurson

    Jane Kurson Editing

  20. Photo of Mark S. Freeborn

    Mark S. Freeborn Production Design

  21. Photo of Jerry Goldsmith

    Jerry Goldsmith Music

  22. Photo of Peter Mitchell

    Peter Mitchell Costume Design

  23. Photo of Pearl Jones

    Pearl Jones Cast

  24. Photo of Nick Searcy

    Nick Searcy Cast