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  1. Photo of Andrea Necci

    Andrea Necci Cast

  2. Photo of Echo Danon

    Echo Danon Cast

  3. Photo of Orietta Gianjorio

    Orietta Gianjorio Cast

  4. Photo of Hervé Brunon

    Hervé Brunon Cast

  5. Photo of Maria Teresa De Belis

    Maria Teresa De Belis Cast

  6. Photo of Irene D'Agostino

    Irene D'Agostino Cast

  7. Photo of Tomazo D'Ulisia

    Tomazo D'Ulisia Cast

  8. Photo of Rodolphe Marconi

    Rodolphe Marconi Producer, Director, Cast Screenplay

  9. Photo of Bruno Alexiu

    Bruno Alexiu Music

  10. Photo of Duccio Cimatti

    Duccio Cimatti Cinematography

  11. Photo of Isabelle Devinck

    Isabelle Devinck Editing

  12. Photo of Ferdinand Bouchara

    Ferdinand Bouchara Sound

  13. Photo of Laurent Cercleux

    Laurent Cercleux Sound