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  1. dionysus67's rating of the film Love Meetings

    A bold experiment in interviewing Italian citizens across diverse social statuses and regions. Pasolini's charisma is slightly compromised by the directness of the questions which occasionally seem more titillating than substantive. This is of course heuristic and it generates great lessons as classes and genders are marked by division; the one maybe that Pasolini aimed to disclose by the economic coercion in place.

  2. Eric Eidelstein's rating of the film Love Meetings

    Pier Paolo Pasolini on the Streets!

  3. AVA's rating of the film Love Meetings

    Sympathischer Versuch,im Italien der 60iger Jahre das Thema Sex zu erörtern..Dieses ernsthafte Bemühen wird durch den Humor und die Leichtigkeit zur fesselnden Episode.Sehenswert auch anbei damalige Mode und Kulisse.

  4. ermete polpette's rating of the film Love Meetings

    6 solo per l'idea, altrimenti anche una stella

  5. smndvdcl's rating of the film Love Meetings

    Societal opinions fascinate me, even ones I may disagree with. What contexts, influences and deductions are involved in each person's ideological conclusions? Pasolini braves the storm, poking the bear to reveal emotive subjectivities on the topic of "sex" from a cavalcade of interviewees. One certainty remains: for better or worse, this discourse will always continue.

  6. El Biffo's rating of the film Love Meetings

    Pasolini himself says in this film that "nothing is more tiring than speaking of sex", and indeed I did find myself losing interest in these people's opinions about sexuality, love, divorce, prostitution and social mores. I liked the cinematography, though. 3.7 stars.

  7. RoRoRoro's rating of the film Love Meetings

  8. Adam Whybray's rating of the film Love Meetings

    Spry, bracing and occasionally unsettling. I sometimes felt Pasolini has too much a ball in the game to convincingly adopt the wry persona that Louie Theroux would embody with quietly sociopathic glee some decades later! That is to say, for the modern viewer child sexuality is the white elephant in the room and I found myself startled by Pasolini's approach to some of the 14-year-olds... but I like being startled!

  9. Max Seqgar's rating of the film Love Meetings

    Italy heading towards it's 60's economical crisis, exposed through it's beliefs and attitudes towards sex. Careful portrait work made throughtout, really nice!

  10. claudio's rating of the film Love Meetings

    Fantastic social interview based Documentary by Pasolini eliciting great answers by Italian about sex and desire in the 60's.

  11. Declan Cochran's rating of the film Love Meetings

    scary dissection of societal attitudes towards sex; gays are abominable, women are inferior, divorce makes men weak. nevertheless fascinating and humorous, mainly because of Pasolini's gently probing nature, occasionally staring deep down into some fairly horrific opinions with about as much objectivity as you could muster up in that situation. also the ending; when in doubt, blame capitalism.

  12. raggiodisole's rating of the film Love Meetings

    Fantastic stuff, exploring popular views of sexuality in 1960's Italy with the man and woman on the street, and using cultural figures to interpret the findings. What's most fascinating is the openness that Pasolini encounters

  13. Rita Barbosa's rating of the film Love Meetings

    Very, very interesting. A true gem.

  14. sam's rating of the film Love Meetings

    a beautiful portrait of real working class people in Italy, talking about sex

  15. bcdcdude's rating of the film Love Meetings

    Considering in 2015, i'm still shy to talk about sexuality in a serious manner, it's mind blowing to watch people from over 50 years ago be so frank about their sexual desires when in England at the time, it was deemed prudish. Very good!

  16. Daniel Campagne's rating of the film Love Meetings

    A fun insight into a complex and long gone culture.

  17. Superfrog's rating of the film Love Meetings

    A great experience, with so much historical value. Well worth a watch if not for the camera work, except for a couple visual cues here and there, it could be a radio show.

  18. JCPJD's rating of the film Love Meetings

    Throughout, I just kept thinking how difficult it would be for a middle aged man to approach (or even find) a group of children playing in the streets and then for him to ask them questions about sex without being put on a 'register' somewhere. Watching this reveals as much about the contemporary viewer as it does about the people in Passolini's film.

  19. JOHN ATHERTON's rating of the film Love Meetings

    Very interesting, doesn't seem at all dated, very human and some very genuine replies.

  20. Ursula Bree's rating of the film Love Meetings

    "...e il migliore augurio è che al loro amore si aggiunga la coscienza del loro amore." I feel these scenes still to close to my culture that it is difficult to comment on them. We changed law, garments, telephones but deep inside we are afraid of freedom or even worse ... we mistake it for something else

  21. Enrico Gaudenzi's rating of the film Love Meetings

    L'inizio coi bambini è uno dei migliori momenti di "cinema coi piccoli", almeno per l'Italia. Un film sull'Italia, sui giovani (scanzonati e senza vergogna, sia M che F) con alcuni interventi di intellettuali non decisivi Alcune perle ["In questa società bisogna essere Don Giovanni"."Le donne non devono essere inferiori, oddio, solo un pochino", "Se io vedo una bella ragazza un cattivo pensiero, italiano, lo faccio"]

  22. Pascale's rating of the film Love Meetings

  23. Paul Relf's rating of the film Love Meetings

    An amusing, sometimes squirm-inducing film. It must have been hard on Passolini asking questions about homosexuality and getting some unforgiving answers.

  24. Pietro Nastasi's rating of the film Love Meetings

    Very interesting picture of Italy in the 60s, its contradictions, confusion and ignorance. The poetry ending the film is the beautiful final touch of Pasolini's mind.

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