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  1. Beatriz Menezes Castro's rating of the film Love & Mercy

    I believe that every Beach Boys fan or music lover should watch this. Great cinema and great music. I learned a lot that I didn't know regarding Brian Wilson.

  2. Øyvind Rype's rating of the film Love & Mercy

    The classic biopic problem; script is too overreaching, and the main fault is the inclusion of the 80's Brian, not mentioning Cusack and Giamatti's performances. A missed opportunity to dive into the psyche of Brian's post-Smile period, only culminating by the poolside where Dano is all Jake LaMotta'ed up. The inner conflicts of Brian should've been center, not the easy way out of making another person a villain.

  3. Thomas Dods's rating of the film Love & Mercy

    The dual narrative elevates this film above the usual episodic biopic, with clever editing between the two plot strands helping us to understand Brian Wilson better than we would otherwise. Paul Dano gives a career best performance, though he frankly has the more interesting part of the script to work with. Elizabeth Banks gives a smart and very watchable performance. Pleasant surprise.

  4. Yumi Kaioh's rating of the film Love & Mercy

    I spent hours last night reading about Brian, watching footage, listening to pet sounds and other stuff. I didn't know Beach Boys like I do now.

  5. Enrico Gaudenzi's rating of the film Love & Mercy

    Più corretto ***/ Film che rifiuta di essere il solito biopic: un racconto sull'arte, sulla creazione. Più scontata (e noiosa) la seconda parte. Le parti nello studio di registrazione sono fantastiche

  6. Rodrigo Morais's rating of the film Love & Mercy

    tinha me esquecido deste! grande Paul Dano!

  7. SeemsLikeFun's rating of the film Love & Mercy

    I like it, but putting my love of Wilson aside, it's good but not great. Source material carries it. Performances are good, as was the choice to tell the two stories. It isn't shot particularly well, at times it looks like a TV movie. The dialogue often feels forced & unnaturally inserts fun facts to get those without BBs knowledge more interested. "Did you know Paul McCartney's favorite song is God Only Knows?", etc

  8. Emily Sirko's rating of the film Love & Mercy

    Paul Dano is amaaaaaaaaaazzzzzinnnng WOW

  9. Clayton Wong's rating of the film Love & Mercy

    The vocal harmonies in Pet Sounds is the closest I will ever get to achieving weightlessness.

  10. Christopher M. Jones's rating of the film Love & Mercy

  11. Paulitics's rating of the film Love & Mercy

    Would have been 4 star if they'd used Dano instead of Cusack for the older Wilson.

  12. mciszczon's rating of the film Love & Mercy

    It's better than I expected. One may have the feeling the film is going too fast and cursorily, but it all depends wether you sink into the plot or not. In my opinion Love & Mercy tells a lot about Brian Wilson, especially his opus magnum, the Pet Sounds album. It's especially a great starting point for anyone interested, while might be less interesting for viewers who know a lot about BW. Definitely recommended.

  13. Jørgen Lien's rating of the film Love & Mercy

  14. Diogo Pires's rating of the film Love & Mercy

    Brian Wilson did something great (not only Pet Sounds but all the inovations in the music industry) and it is always necessary to remember that. This movie is an homage to a great band but especially to a great man. Long live to Brian. PS: Another great perfomance by Paul Dano, what a brilliant actor.

  15. Mitch Fillion's rating of the film Love & Mercy

    Have seen this maybe 4 times since it came out and it's still amazing every time. One of the best biopics I've seen in a long time. Probably John Cusack's best performance ever. Amazing directorial debut, but I guess being a producer on some Terrence Malick films, and 12 years a slave, etc, must've helped.

  16. Oluseyi's rating of the film Love & Mercy

  17. auloel's rating of the film Love & Mercy

  18. Konrad Szlendak's rating of the film Love & Mercy

    Very good movie indeed. I was really surprised how good Wilson's madness was pictured, and how two periods of his life were nicely linked together.

  19. Rūta Švedkauskaitė's rating of the film Love & Mercy

    Paul Dano and THE song saves the whole movie. Everything else - bland.

  20. ioanabogdana's rating of the film Love & Mercy

  21. AALC's rating of the film Love & Mercy

    I didn't like the plot, 2 storylines had weaknesses too, montage in 'schizophrenic' episodes was jus awful. But I have to admit that I liked the puse/mood of this film. Sadness and loneliness create a right and convincing tone.

  22. Lintang A.'s rating of the film Love & Mercy

    God only knows what I'd be without you~

  23. patchwork's rating of the film Love & Mercy

    Pohlad vuole fare un biopic con velleità artistiche (in una scena cita pure il finale di 2001). Però per un'opera d'arte servono sia cuore che genio, una delle due doti per fare un gran film: Pohlad non mette né l'uno né l'altro, limitandosi a un lavoro corretto, che vorrebbe ma non riesce mai.John Cusack fa John Cusack, Paul Dano esagera come al solito, se la cava meglio Paul Giamatti

  24. Brian O'blivion's rating of the film Love & Mercy

    Don't believe the hype. It's standard biopic with the usual problems. It's difficult to present the inner workings of a "struggling artist" in a tv movie like cinematographical setting. In films like these people come and go like one-dimensional marionets in the service of The Script. Focusing on Melinda was another boring "scriptorial must": a window into the mind of looney Brian for the mediocre viewer.

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