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  1. Photo of Sion Sono

    Sion Sono Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Megumi Kagurazaka

    Megumi Kagurazaka Cast

  3. Photo of Kumiko Asô

    Kumiko Asô Cast

  4. Photo of Toshiyuki Nishida

    Toshiyuki Nishida Cast

  5. Photo of Miyuki Matsuda

    Miyuki Matsuda Cast

  6. Photo of Shôko Nakagawa

    Shôko Nakagawa Cast

  7. Photo of Gen Hoshino

    Gen Hoshino Cast

  8. Photo of Erina Mano

    Erina Mano Cast

  9. Photo of Kiyohiko Shibukawa

    Kiyohiko Shibukawa Cast

  10. Photo of Inuko Inuyama

    Inuko Inuyama Cast

  11. Photo of Eita Okuno

    Eita Okuno Cast

  12. Photo of Hiroki Hasegawa

    Hiroki Hasegawa Cast

  13. Photo of Sôichirô Tahara

    Sôichirô Tahara Cast

  14. Photo of Matika Sports

    Matika Sports Cast

  15. Photo of Suidôbashi Hakase

    Suidôbashi Hakase Cast

  16. Photo of Ikue Ohtani

    Ikue Ohtani Cast

  17. Photo of Kenichirô Mogi

    Kenichirô Mogi Cast

  18. Photo of Daisuke Tsuda

    Daisuke Tsuda Cast