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  1. the_mentaculus's rating of the film Love & Pop

    It was smart of Anno to take up a camcorder instead of film - it gave him the same visual flexibility he's used to in his animation, and made that signature editing cadence easier, which is remarkably fluid and singular for a live-action feature. Its full technique allows Anno's wonderfully perverse sociopathy to run wild. Hell, it's practically streaking.

  2. Kelvin Thompson's rating of the film Love & Pop

    An adequately balanced exploration of teenage prostitution with a wealth of dynamic camera angles, courtesy of Hideaki Anno.

  3. zsa zsa's rating of the film Love & Pop

  4. Andrea Cissello's rating of the film Love & Pop

    after went to Tokyo I must view It!

  5. novanindro's rating of the film Love & Pop

    rei ayanami going on a play-date ?

  6. supercar's rating of the film Love & Pop

    Anno's visual style and storytelling methods are so precise and effective that they work in real life too! And he is captivated by the modern life of teenage Japanese girls. Cell phones, cameras, friends, and he gets particularly distracted by skirts. He finds it all really spiritual and beautiful. It takes some cerebral turns, very much about the dialog between what you might call "the soul" and the mind. Very cool.

  7. electricdragon80000v's rating of the film Love & Pop

    The end credits on this are great.

  8. Ar's rating of the film Love & Pop

    A film about japanese girls doing things of japanese girls, weirdos being weirdos to japanese girls, Hideako Anno and his crew making weird angles with their handheld cameras, some teenage thoughts and Tadanobu Asano stealing the show as usual. Overall Love & Pop is a pretty cool and unusual film, but sometimes it's like 30 minutes longer than it should be.

  9. Andrés Pff's rating of the film Love & Pop

    finally someone added this one to mubi.

  10. purefault's rating of the film Love & Pop

    I've been a longtime fan of Anno's "Neon Genesis Evangelion", and I really enjoyed seeing some very similar cinematography displayed in this movie as he uses in his animated creations. All the camera placements and shot angles give it an even more introspective feel, as if you're inside the characters looking inward.