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  1. Photo of Walerian Borowczyk

    Walerian Borowczyk Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of André Pieyre de Mandiargues

    André Pieyre de Mandiargues Screenplay

  3. Photo of Mathieu Carrière

    Mathieu Carrière Cast

  4. Photo of Marina Pierro

    Marina Pierro Cast

  5. Photo of Josy Bernard

    Josy Bernard Cast

  6. Photo of Jean Négroni

    Jean Négroni Cast

  7. Photo of Isabelle Tinard

    Isabelle Tinard Cast

  8. Photo of Gérard Monceau

    Gérard Monceau Cinematography

  9. Photo of Jean-Paul Sergent

    Jean-Paul Sergent Cinematography

  10. Photo of Michel Zolat

    Michel Zolat Cinematography

  11. Photo of Philippe Guez

    Philippe Guez Producer

  12. Photo of Alain Sarde

    Alain Sarde Executive Producer

  13. Photo of Florence Poulain

    Florence Poulain Editing

  14. Photo of Guila Salama

    Guila Salama Editing

  15. Photo of Lili Sonnet

    Lili Sonnet Editing

  16. Photo of Marie-Hélène Zirisch

    Marie-Hélène Zirisch Editing

  17. Photo of Thierry Godard

    Thierry Godard Sound

  18. Photo of Valérie Adda

    Valérie Adda Costume Design