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  1. Slappy McGee's rating of the film Love Rites

    (1/2 star) Really terrible soft core porn. Just awful. Not even the "porn" itself is titillating in any way. The supposedly hardcore dialogue is mainly laughable dime store filth. Just low quality all around. Hell... I've wasted too much time already on this review.

  2. Corey's rating of the film Love Rites

    It was interesting - kind of like a new wave film with more sex. Wasn't as pornographic as I was expecting.

  3. mkdunwody's rating of the film Love Rites

    tedious and just bad. this screencap is the best and only worthwhile moment.

  4. FISCHER's rating of the film Love Rites

    Un sujet intéressant, totalement gâché par une préciosité ridicule...

  5. msmichel's rating of the film Love Rites

    A ridiculous final effort from director Borowczyk with a script that sometimes seemed ripped from the pages of Penthouse letters especially the narrated scenes. Marina Pierro is attractive but bland and lead Mathieu Carriere is just awful here. The ending is especially an eye-rolling moment.

  6. Max Seqgar's rating of the film Love Rites

    Erudite erotica like only Borowczyk could create. To me one of his best here.

  7. Jason's rating of the film Love Rites

    What a glorious little insidious fable! Happily nihilistic erotica? People refuse (absolutely refuse!) to see the genuinely subversive and surreptitiously profound character of later Borowczyk. Their loss. This an all-the-world's-a-stage type deal. A boudoir can be a much-needed fantasy-destabilizing theatre of cruelty. Gushing comeuppance (pun intended). Borowcyk is not adequately accepted as a master of montage.

  8. Ryan Theodores's rating of the film Love Rites

    I watched this on a lark expecting very little, armed with vague memories of Borowczyk's lewd prosthesis. Left with an admiration for a filmmaker that I'm now glad to investigate further.

  9. EdieEmm's rating of the film Love Rites

    2 stars for the crazed, fast cut edits & quirky, kaleidoscopic cinematography. With a nod to the very particular ambiance Borowczyk achieves with his strangely baroque script & imposing Bach fugues. The minus three is for the rest of his achievements (eye rolls, yawns, facepalms, assorted wtfs...) in this last and sadly far from best display of his directorial chops. Subtitles obvs. a prank by an Anglo-hating genius.

  10. Léonor Alienă's rating of the film Love Rites

    Subtitles are very bad.I am french,and they take away all the beautiful phrases and make them much simpler and ordinary. I feel bad for other people who will look at this movie and only get half of the movie because they do not understand french.

  11. Henri de Corinth's rating of the film Love Rites

    Underwhelming for Borowczyk, and merely satisfactory as an adaptation of Mandiargues' 'Tout disparaitra.' Read that instead, or just watch 'La marge.' The metro scene in this is lovely though.

  12. Pymo's rating of the film Love Rites