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  1. Photo of Luca Lucini

    Luca Lucini Director

  2. Photo of Riccardo Tozzi

    Riccardo Tozzi Producer

  3. Photo of Giovanni Stabilini

    Giovanni Stabilini Producer

  4. Photo of Marco Chimenz

    Marco Chimenz Producer

  5. Photo of Fabio Bonifacci

    Fabio Bonifacci Screenplay

  6. Photo of Manfredo Archinto

    Manfredo Archinto Cinematography

  7. Photo of Giuseppe Battiston

    Giuseppe Battiston Cast

  8. Photo of Claudio Bisio

    Claudio Bisio Cast

  9. Photo of Filippo Nigro

    Filippo Nigro Cast

  10. Photo of Claudia Pandolfi

    Claudia Pandolfi Cast

  11. Photo of Andrea De Rosa

    Andrea De Rosa Cast

  12. Photo of Chiara Mastalli

    Chiara Mastalli Cast

  13. Photo of Angela Finocchiaro

    Angela Finocchiaro Cast

  14. Photo of Max Mazzotta

    Max Mazzotta Cast

  15. Photo of Pietro Sermonti

    Pietro Sermonti Cast

  16. Photo of Andrea Bosca

    Andrea Bosca Cast

  17. Photo of Fabrizio Rossetti

    Fabrizio Rossetti Editing

  18. Photo of Marco Belluzzi

    Marco Belluzzi Production Design

  19. Photo of Giuliano Taviani

    Giuliano Taviani Music

  20. Photo of Sabina Maglia

    Sabina Maglia Costume Design