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Raúl Ruiz's Dreams
323 Ratings

Love Torn in a Dream

Combat d'amour en songe

Directed by Raúl Ruiz
Portugal, France, 2000
Avant-Garde, Drama, Fantasy
  • French
  • English, Portuguese
Raúl Ruiz's Dreams


Raúl Ruiz on inventive top form, including narrative games about making a feature about pirates; old religious opinions; retired nuns who run a brothel.

Our take

For newcomers to the great Chilean fabulist Raúl Ruiz, this picture has stories-within-stories covering nearly the whole range of Ruiz’s diverse passions, from pulp to intellectual. An oneiric fantasy, coming to you as if from a dream half-remembered.

Love Torn in a Dream Directed by Raúl Ruiz

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