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  1. Photo of Hristina Hatziharalabous

    Hristina Hatziharalabous Director, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Radoslav Pavkovic

    Radoslav Pavkovic Director, Producer

  3. Photo of Snezana Penev

    Snezana Penev Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Panagiotis Kalakos

    Panagiotis Kalakos Producer

  5. Photo of Panagiotis Karabinis

    Panagiotis Karabinis Producer

  6. Photo of Plucinski Marta

    Plucinski Marta Producer

  7. Photo of Pawel Plucinski

    Pawel Plucinski Producer

  8. Photo of Goran Mojsin

    Goran Mojsin Screenplay

  9. Photo of Vladan Jankovic

    Vladan Jankovic Cinematography

  10. Photo of Branislav Trifunovic

    Branislav Trifunovic Cast

  11. Photo of Ljuma Penov

    Ljuma Penov Cast

  12. Photo of Mirjana Karanović

    Mirjana Karanović Cast

  13. Photo of Nikola Pejaković

    Nikola Pejaković Cast

  14. Photo of Mihailo 'Misa' Janketic

    Mihailo 'Misa' Janketic Cast

  15. Photo of Olga Odanovic

    Olga Odanovic Cast

  16. Photo of Dobrila Stojnic

    Dobrila Stojnic Cast

  17. Photo of Marko Glušac

    Marko Glušac Editing

  18. Photo of Aljosa Spajic

    Aljosa Spajic Production Design

  19. Photo of Dimitris Fritzalas

    Dimitris Fritzalas Music

  20. Photo of Aris Louziotis

    Aris Louziotis Sound

  21. Photo of Zora Mojsilovic

    Zora Mojsilovic Costume Design