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  1. Aura Maria's rating of the film Loveless

    The scene in the car, when the music is loud and Zhenya tilts her head back in neurotic desperation is strangely enchanting. So unexpected, as a beautiful verse not riming with the rest, in Zvyagintsev's poetry.

  2. Shōten's rating of the film Loveless

  3. Louis Léonard's rating of the film Loveless

  4. AdaRLD's rating of the film Loveless

    In several shots, the genius of Zvyaguintsev as a director is so overwhelming you could cry with joy (when the door closes revealing the boy ; when a passerby doesn't notice the poster and the camera follows him...). Apart from that, it's a terrible but realistic portrait of relationships nowadays. It's grim and hopeless, but so beautiful.

  5. Isidora Ivkovic's rating of the film Loveless

  6. Henri de Corinth's rating of the film Loveless

    TIFF 2017. Bitter variation on Scenes from a Marriage. In a way it kind of reminds me of L'avventura in how it observes the characters' response to a disappearance -which is largely informed by their bourgeois status. Suffice it to say that this is easily the darkest and most upsetting film Zvyagintsev has made. The use of Arvo Pärt's music is perfect.

  7. Matt Richards's rating of the film Loveless

    Not as powerful emotionally or formally for me as Leviafan, this one feels more in line with the distanced coldness of Elena. It's hard to find empathy with such narcissistic characters but there are some powerful moments of revelation; particularly around how disassociation lets us mask pain and hurt, forcing us act with retaliation that's often at odds with what we truly need. Fantastic credits score!! 3.5 stars

  8. chockablock's rating of the film Loveless

    Such a contrast with Leviathan. More subtle, more intimate, less epic, less posh. Evenhandedly veracious. Spine-chilling exactly because of that.

  9. Eli K's rating of the film Loveless

    The plot is quite good. Main idea of the film was to show the bitter truth, indifference of Russian government/police service along with the horrors of families that have to go through the process of finding their lost children. Four stars for not so good acting.

  10. MarcusArcus's rating of the film Loveless

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  12. pirri's rating of the film Loveless

  13. Sneerwell's rating of the film Loveless

    It's weird that hardly anyone points out that the film is full of hope coming as a perfectly organized volunteers team.There's a deeply humanistic idea behind their impressive search routines which took a good half of the screen time.Even if we are foresaken kids living in a society ruled by indifference and cynicism, there's still a chance we could set up our own structures and transform the leviathan from within.

  14. Yelizaveta's rating of the film Loveless

    Well, this movie almost killed half of the auditory at the cinema. It's really painful to watch especially for me, for person who has lived in Russia for years, because of its truthfulness. We don't talk about problems like these, we're too busy to check out instagram feed. We don't develop our relationships, we just ruin them and lose the closest ones. He found a painful point again. Bravo

  15. Daniella Hervert's rating of the film Loveless

  16. Marco Pierrard's rating of the film Loveless

    Andreï Zvyagintsev signe un drame glaçant sur un amour qui s'autodétruit et emporte dans sa chute ce qu'il avait créé. Une œuvre désespérée et sublime, à la fois bouleversante et terrifiante. Chronique complète sur Citazine :

  17. Mihai Cristea's rating of the film Loveless

    I haven't seen Elena yet, but this one might be his weakest so far, or maybe I just got tired of his cinematic formula.

  18. Ostermyers's rating of the film Loveless

    Cold virtuosity for a cold world.