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  1. Photo of Michel Costom

    Michel Costom Producer

  2. Photo of Richard Hellman

    Richard Hellman Producer

  3. Photo of Marcel Dubé

    Marcel Dubé Screenplay

  4. Photo of Richard Martin

    Richard Martin Screenplay and Director

  5. Photo of Jean-Claude Labrecque

    Jean-Claude Labrecque Cinematography

  6. Photo of Jean Duceppe

    Jean Duceppe Cast

  7. Photo of Denise Filiatrault

    Denise Filiatrault Cast

  8. Photo of Andrée Lachapelle

    Andrée Lachapelle Cast

  9. Photo of Catherine Bégin

    Catherine Bégin Cast

  10. Photo of Yvon Dufour

    Yvon Dufour Cast

  11. Photo of Yves Létourneau

    Yves Létourneau Cast

  12. Photo of Gérard Poirier

    Gérard Poirier Cast

  13. Photo of Robert Maltais

    Robert Maltais Cast

  14. Photo of Luce Guilbeault

    Luce Guilbeault Cast

  15. Photo of Jacques Gagné

    Jacques Gagné Editing

  16. Photo of Paul Sainte-Marie

    Paul Sainte-Marie Production Design

  17. Photo of Claude Léveillée

    Claude Léveillée Music

  18. Photo of Serge Beauchemin

    Serge Beauchemin Sound

  19. Photo of Louise Jobin

    Louise Jobin Costume Design