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  1. Marius Pakėnas's rating of the film Loverboy

  2. ShartheMovieGirl's rating of the film Loverboy

    I saw this film today at the Chicago International Film Festival. I loved it! I wish the director had been there for discussion. Great work!!! Bravo!

  3. Ciprian David's rating of the film Loverboy

    the best thing about Loverboy was the open space in which the character lives. Not only the design, with the small, open restaurant next to it, where danger can invade at any time, but also Lucas transit movements through places who could, but won't shelter him, including his relation to Veli. Perhaps a bit too antibourgeois, but then it draws its suspense out of pointing at this specific attitude in the audience.

  4. εξώτερο Διάστημα's rating of the film Loverboy

    after watching the rose seller, i will have to reconsider the plausibility and seriousness of this film, even though this one is a more marketable and digestible production.

  5. Rio Johan's rating of the film Loverboy

    Not a really great Romanian realism-thing, but I do like how the film portraying its reality while trying to achive its tragedy. Like most of Romanian New Wave thing, the film did gave a quite concrete problem. But I do like how the film didn't feel like to put its realism under the feet of humanity.

  6. Les films du miroir magique's rating of the film Loverboy