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  1. Photo of Domingos de Oliveira

    Domingos de Oliveira Director, Cast, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Priscilla Rozenbaum

    Priscilla Rozenbaum Screenplay and Cast

  3. Photo of Jacques Cheuiche

    Jacques Cheuiche Cinematography

  4. Photo of Vicente Barcellos

    Vicente Barcellos Cast

  5. Photo of Maria Mariana

    Maria Mariana Cast

  6. Photo of Silvio Pozzato

    Silvio Pozzato Cast

  7. Photo of Clarice Niskier

    Clarice Niskier Cast

  8. Photo of Clara Bethencourt

    Clara Bethencourt Cast

  9. Photo of Guilherme Ebert

    Guilherme Ebert Editing

  10. Photo of Angèle Fróes

    Angèle Fróes Costume Design, Producer Production Design

  11. Photo of Pedro Bethencourt

    Pedro Bethencourt Cast

  12. Photo of Ricardo Kosovski

    Ricardo Kosovski Cast

  13. Photo of André Mattos

    André Mattos Cast

  14. Photo of Nico Nicolaiewsky

    Nico Nicolaiewsky Cast and Music

  15. Photo of Phydias Barbosa

    Phydias Barbosa Executive Producer

  16. Photo of Dino Menasche

    Dino Menasche Producer