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  1. Dogville59's rating of the film Low Tide

    This is true to life in the sense that many children of alcoholics end up parenting their parents. Not easy to watch but worth it because of the end and the acting is great, the periods of silence just watching either the son or the mother give the feeling of what life is for these two people.

  2. El Biffo's rating of the film Low Tide

    It's great the way Europeans like Minervini or Andrea Arnold can bring their Euro aesthetic to rural/midwest America and romanticize working-class white people. Somehow Hollywood hasn't been able to achieve this very often, not in this way. 3.6

  3. Slow Immersion's rating of the film Low Tide

    Although Minervini's form isn't anything remarkable, I really like his blend of narrative/contemplative fiction, with the merging of documentary style. This is much more contemplative than his latest. The ending is wonderful. The real thing that attracts me is that he makes you feel, and draws me in to characters who I might often trash, but makes you feel the human side.

  4. Funda Can Çuvalcı's rating of the film Low Tide

    3.5/5. A naturalistic film. This film reminded me of Dardenne brothers' films with its subject matter, style and tone.

  5. Ecpln's rating of the film Low Tide

    Modern dünyadaki yalnızlıkların, parçalanmışlıkların ve mutsuzlukların objektif bir bakış ile anlatılan bu hikâyesi sevginin nereye gittiğini cevabını vermese de sorgulatıyor ve insan doğasına güvenimizi yitirmemeliyiz diyor sanki.

  6. captainfez's rating of the film Low Tide

    Shit parenting: The Movie. You might also want to warn people that there's footage of cattle being shot. I really don't need to stumble on that in a film about a boy and his wastrel mum.

  7. Rice Dream Girl's rating of the film Low Tide

    It seems here that Minervini is not so much directing as he is observing. Nothing feels forced in this authentic, powerful, and respectful portrait of poor Gulf Coast life. The scenery is incredible, as is the cinematography. We are silently, subtly brought along, in documentary fashion, on the boy's emotional journey sans destination, and what a touching experience it is.

  8. Bruce Carter's rating of the film Low Tide

    For the 3rd time this week I will describe a Mubi movie as 'slow paced'... and all 3 movies let you into the lives of the characters in a way that 'clever' dialogue and expensive production cannot.

  9. MATTEO BITTANTI's rating of the film Low Tide

    It may seem an odd comparison, but Ursula Meier's "Sister" is Low Tide's Swiss twin. Incidentally, both films were released in 2012.

  10. Dries's rating of the film Low Tide

    La solita storia vista e rivista un milione di volte : ragazzino che cresce nel disagio senza punti di riferimento in mezzo a zoccole e alcolizzati. Niente di memorabile

  11. Adam Whybray's rating of the film Low Tide

    Hard and tender; soft and dry-as-a-bone. Minervini's cinema connects, but does not qualify. He uses animals like Herzog but there are no boats hauled over mountains, nor even dreams of boats being hauled over mountains. The only respite from economic and emotional/ spiritual impoverishment is the tactile world. The boy was a lot stronger than I was at that age and my life was so full.

  12. Scotch Kiwi's rating of the film Low Tide

    Minervini allows space to reflect

  13. J0NS's rating of the film Low Tide

  14. raggiodisole's rating of the film Low Tide

    A thoughtful look at a childhood through the child's eyes, expanding our view of the role of a parent and emotions

  15. tintinmugshot's rating of the film Low Tide

  16. Richard Stopford's rating of the film Low Tide

    A quiet film full of space and silence. Its attentive camera captures the tone and texture of a young boy's loneliness. Empty days punctuated by playing with wild animals, skimming stones, or collecting cans. It's a very beautiful film too, and it feels all the more sad for that beauty. The naturalness and subtlety of the acting, particularly the boy, is impressive.

  17. Oneb's rating of the film Low Tide

    Absorbing drama: in constant psychological tension from the boy's obedience/reciprocity to his mother's apathy (she perceives him as a trivial past event of which she is at liberty to abandon). Particularly poignant when set against the sadistic experiments of Harry Harlow. The affect on the boy of the dysfunctional environment seems slightly rushed, lacking nuance. Otherwise great.

  18. Sarah Pietsch's rating of the film Low Tide

    Very good. Slow, pensive, beautifully shot, feels very real. The boy is great. A thought-provoking situation. I think this film will linger in my mind.

  19. Nick Stamp's rating of the film Low Tide

    Love the minimal use of dialogue in this film creates the feeling of loneliness. Cinematography is spot on, captures beautifully the mundane life.

  20. kris's rating of the film Low Tide

    A film that is simple in its direction but again with this director, its held my attention with its affecting realism. I just felt i could relate to this.

  21. cdk93's rating of the film Low Tide

    a moving piece that never really builds, but keeps your attention throughout. sad and enjoyable in equal measure.

  22. keithinhull's rating of the film Low Tide

    Like the previous film an impressive film with great acting by the boy

  23. Arron's rating of the film Low Tide

  24. EyesRus's rating of the film Low Tide

    Très beau film, contemplatif, qui dépeint aussi un certain milieu social, celui des 'poor whites' au Texas.

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