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  1. Photo of Claudia Llosa

    Claudia Llosa Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Jesús Díaz

    Jesús Díaz Music

  3. Photo of Fletcher Ventura

    Fletcher Ventura Music

  4. Photo of Natasha Braier

    Natasha Braier Cinematography

  5. Photo of Frank Gutiérrez

    Frank Gutiérrez Editing

  6. Photo of Patricia Bueno

    Patricia Bueno Production Design

  7. Photo of Susana Torres

    Susana Torres Production Design

  8. Photo of Fabiola Ordoyo

    Fabiola Ordoyo Sound

  9. Photo of Belissa Andía

    Belissa Andía Cast

  10. Photo of Ariana Wésember

    Ariana Wésember Cast

  11. Photo of Pilar Gonzáles

    Pilar Gonzáles Cast

  12. Photo of Ricardo Mejía

    Ricardo Mejía Cast

  13. Photo of Canela Paima

    Canela Paima Cast

  14. Photo of Mónica Mendoza

    Mónica Mendoza Cast

  15. Photo of Ruby Calvo

    Ruby Calvo Cast

  16. Photo of Jordi Picas

    Jordi Picas Producer

  17. Photo of Alejandro Noriega

    Alejandro Noriega Producer

  18. Photo of Nicolás Cane

    Nicolás Cane Producer