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  1. Igor Ramos's rating of the film Lucky

    A loving farewell to the late Harry Dean Stanton, "Lucky" isn't extraordinary, but faces the eminence of Death right in the face, featuring a leading character/actor with whom you quickly sympathise... plus a city, people and a feeling of existencial dread we've seen many times pictured in films about rural America. The monologue at the bar near the end was superb.

  2. José Neves's rating of the film Lucky

    Digital. The "Americana" after "Paris,Texas" found a different time, a more distensive and contemplative one, based on some memories, of the characters' diegetics and of cinema's history. Here there's an important element of it, its protagonist - in fact, the same of the mentioned film, "et par cause", of both memories -, but not a look that could move from this pleasant subservience.

  3. Ana Sousa's rating of the film Lucky

    [Porto/Post/Doc'17] More than a wonderful story, a wonderful homage to Harry. I don't think I ever felt so much empathy for a character so quickly. And to know he was just being himself for most of it just breaks my heart. He's so fragile but with every single "I-don't-give-a-fuck" still left in him. He makes you laugh & cry at the same time. I hope you're still smoking your cigarette & kickin ass, wherever you are.

  4. hgabriel84's rating of the film Lucky

  5. João Biscaia's rating of the film Lucky

    Nothing says "realism is a thing" like Harry Dean Stanton breaking the fourth wall from the great beyond.

  6. Kamran's rating of the film Lucky

    86/100 - Excellent. (4.5)

  7. msmichel's rating of the film Lucky

    This will stand as Harry Dean Stanton's swan song cementing a long standing reputation as one of the great character actors with this rare leading man role. This lived-in yet deep performance eclipses the issues with the movie surrounding him. John Carroll Lynch, a character actor himself, in his debut directorial effort struggles with editing and scripting choices making it a film of theatrical scenes.

  8. Mario Tomchev's rating of the film Lucky

    Coffee, cigarettes, a tortoise, some monolith-like cactuses and even Johnny Cash join forces in this essential goodbye to a legend. The theory of Nothing is a thing! Smile, always.

  9. James Mackin's rating of the film Lucky

    One day, I will die. I hope to get the chance to watch this movie again on that day. Also, why doesn't David Lynch act more? He's a very underrated actor when he's not yelling due to his deafness.

  10. Jason's rating of the film Lucky

    Harry Dean was always too plain-spoken and benevolent to be a true outlaw. He remained outside even the outside and still kinda humbly inside, so you can't really categorize him as a counterculture figure. What is indisputable is that though he remained very much on the wider public's periphery, the man was, is, and shall remain a screen legend. This is a small slightly heroic film, testament above all to a man.

  11. sadie's rating of the film Lucky

  12. Ethan's rating of the film Lucky

    This is a beautiful film about life and death and everything in between and a fitting tribute to the career and life of Harry Dean Stanton who gives a knockout final performance that shows that he never lost it, even in the end.

  13. Sean Patrick Stevens's rating of the film Lucky

    Give Harry Dean his posthumous Oscar already! There are so many great character moments by a perfectly assembled cast in this that I can only hope John Carroll Lynch continues to make more movies.

  14. Duncan Gray's rating of the film Lucky

    "Harry Dean Stanton is...", the opening credits say right before the title, thus conferring upon one of our humblest players a level of star identity usually reserved for a Schwarzenneger or a Stallone. A lovely farewell, amazingly light considering its philosophical pretensions, and amazingly grave considering its whimsy. The final eye contact broke my heart. Bonus: David Lynch as a man obsessed with a tortoise.

  15. Adam Whybray's rating of the film Lucky

    A bloody sweet film made with clear and well-deserved affection for its leading man. I had a lot of time for Stanton's heartfelt renunciation of his earlier homophobia-tinged dismissal of Liberace upon first seeing him on television in the 1950s. Akin to all those feel-good misanthropic old man Jack Nicholson films but made with infinitely more integrity, good faith and hard-earned wisdom. RIP.

  16. Lola Finch's rating of the film Lucky

    This made me want a cigarette so bad

  17. Graf von Zahl's rating of the film Lucky

    So much Lynch! Scenes in the bar are the best. I knew mr. president will appear in the last scene!