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  1. Photo of Michel Deville

    Michel Deville Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Pierre Lesou

    Pierre Lesou Screenplay

  3. Photo of Eddie Constantine

    Eddie Constantine Cast

  4. Photo of Pierre Brasseur

    Pierre Brasseur Cast

  5. Photo of Georges Wilson

    Georges Wilson Cast

  6. Photo of Christiane Minazzoli

    Christiane Minazzoli Cast

  7. Photo of Jean-Pierre Darras

    Jean-Pierre Darras Cast

  8. Photo of André Cellier

    André Cellier Cast

  9. Photo of Christian Barbier

    Christian Barbier Cast

  10. Photo of Anouk Ferjac

    Anouk Ferjac Cast

  11. Photo of Marcelle Ranson-Hervé

    Marcelle Ranson-Hervé Cast

  12. Photo of Jean-Pierre Rambal

    Jean-Pierre Rambal Cast

  13. Photo of Claude Brasseur

    Claude Brasseur Cast

  14. Photo of Françoise Arnoul

    Françoise Arnoul Cast

  15. Photo of Claude Lecomte

    Claude Lecomte Cinematography

  16. Photo of Georges Delerue

    Georges Delerue Music

  17. Photo of Gilbert Margerie

    Gilbert Margerie Production Design

  18. Photo of Jacques Roitfeld

    Jacques Roitfeld Producer

  19. Photo of Nina Companéez

    Nina Companéez Editing and Screenplay