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  1. Photo of Paul McGuigan

    Paul McGuigan Director

  2. Photo of Jason Smilovic

    Jason Smilovic Screenplay

  3. Photo of Josh Hartnett

    Josh Hartnett Cast

  4. Photo of Bruce Willis

    Bruce Willis Cast

  5. Photo of Lucy Liu

    Lucy Liu Cast

  6. Photo of Morgan Freeman

    Morgan Freeman Cast

  7. Photo of Stanley Tucci

    Stanley Tucci Cast

  8. Photo of Ben Kingsley

    Ben Kingsley Cast

  9. Photo of Michael Rubenfeld

    Michael Rubenfeld Cast

  10. Photo of Peter Outerbridge

    Peter Outerbridge Cast

  11. Photo of Kevin Chamberlin

    Kevin Chamberlin Cast

  12. Photo of Dorian Missick

    Dorian Missick Cast

  13. Photo of Mykelti Williamson

    Mykelti Williamson Cast

  14. Photo of Scott Gibson

    Scott Gibson Cast

  15. Photo of Sam Jaeger

    Sam Jaeger Cast

  16. Photo of Danny Aiello

    Danny Aiello Cast

  17. Photo of Oliver Davis

    Oliver Davis Cast

  18. Photo of Corey Stoll

    Corey Stoll Cast

  19. Photo of Peter Sova

    Peter Sova Cinematography

  20. Photo of J. Ralph

    J. Ralph Music

  21. Photo of François Séguin

    François Séguin Production Design

  22. Photo of Christopher Eberts

    Christopher Eberts Producer

  23. Photo of Kia Jam

    Kia Jam Producer

  24. Photo of Tyler Mitchell

    Tyler Mitchell Producer

  25. Photo of Anthony Rhulen

    Anthony Rhulen Producer

  26. Photo of Chris Roberts

    Chris Roberts Producer

  27. Photo of Jane Barclay

    Jane Barclay Executive Producer

  28. Photo of Don Carmody

    Don Carmody Executive Producer

  29. Photo of Andreas Schmid

    Andreas Schmid Executive Producer

  30. Photo of William Shively

    William Shively Executive Producer

  31. Photo of A.J. Dix

    A.J. Dix Executive Producer

  32. Photo of Sharon Harel

    Sharon Harel Executive Producer

  33. Photo of Eli Klein

    Eli Klein Executive Producer

  34. Photo of Andrew Hulme

    Andrew Hulme Editing