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  1. Photo of Luciano Ercoli

    Luciano Ercoli Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Simonetta Stefanelli

    Simonetta Stefanelli Cast

  3. Photo of Massimo Foschi

    Massimo Foschi Cast

  4. Photo of Ettore Manni

    Ettore Manni Cast

  5. Photo of Anna Orso

    Anna Orso Cast

  6. Photo of Paolo Malco

    Paolo Malco Cast

  7. Photo of Elizabeth Turner

    Elizabeth Turner Cast

  8. Photo of Fred Robsahm

    Fred Robsahm Cast

  9. Photo of Raffaele Curi

    Raffaele Curi Cast

  10. Photo of Aldo Reggiani

    Aldo Reggiani Cast

  11. Photo of Piero Lulli

    Piero Lulli Cast

  12. Photo of Teodoro Corrà

    Teodoro Corrà Cast

  13. Photo of Edoardo Florio

    Edoardo Florio Cast

  14. Photo of Guglielmo Spoletini

    Guglielmo Spoletini Cast

  15. Photo of Giovanni Petrucci

    Giovanni Petrucci Cast

  16. Photo of Vittorio Fanfoni

    Vittorio Fanfoni Cast

  17. Photo of Alessandro Perrella

    Alessandro Perrella Cast

  18. Photo of Aldo De Robertis

    Aldo De Robertis Cinematography

  19. Photo of Franco Micalizzi

    Franco Micalizzi Music

  20. Photo of Giovanni Agostinucci

    Giovanni Agostinucci Production Design

  21. Photo of Carlo Gentili

    Carlo Gentili Production Design

  22. Photo of Enzo Doria

    Enzo Doria Producer

  23. Photo of Angelo Curi

    Angelo Curi Editing