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  1. Photo of Linda Klaudius-Mann

    Linda Klaudius-Mann Cast

  2. Photo of Mauricio

    Mauricio Cast

  3. Photo of Otto Tomek

    Otto Tomek Cast

  4. Photo of José Montes

    José Montes Cast

  5. Photo of Heinz-Klaus Metzger

    Heinz-Klaus Metzger Cast

  6. Photo of Werner Höfer

    Werner Höfer Cast

  7. Photo of Rudolf Körösi

    Rudolf Körösi Cinematography

  8. Photo of Ludwig van Beethoven

    Ludwig van Beethoven Music

  9. Photo of Joseph Beuys

    Joseph Beuys Production Design

  10. Photo of Ursula Burghardt

    Ursula Burghardt Production Design

  11. Photo of Robert Filliou

    Robert Filliou Production Design

  12. Photo of Mauricio Kagel

    Mauricio Kagel Production Design, Director Screenplay

  13. Photo of Diter Rot

    Diter Rot Production Design

  14. Photo of Rudolf Rieser

    Rudolf Rieser Production Design

  15. Photo of Stefan Wewerka

    Stefan Wewerka Production Design

  16. Photo of Victor Staub

    Victor Staub Producer and Cast

  17. Photo of José Montes-Bacquer

    José Montes-Bacquer Executive Producer

  18. Photo of Manfred Gräter

    Manfred Gräter Editing

  19. Photo of Heinz Garbowski

    Heinz Garbowski Sound

  20. Photo of Ernst Thomas

    Ernst Thomas Sound

  21. Photo of Otto Ziegler

    Otto Ziegler Sound

  22. Photo of Gisela Röcken

    Gisela Röcken Costume Design