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  1. Photo of Luchino Visconti

    Luchino Visconti Screenplay, Director, and Story

  2. Photo of Enrico Medioli

    Enrico Medioli Screenplay and Story

  3. Photo of Suso Cecchi D'Amico

    Suso Cecchi D'Amico Screenplay

  4. Photo of Helmut Berger

    Helmut Berger Cast

  5. Photo of Romy Schneider

    Romy Schneider Cast

  6. Photo of Trevor Howard

    Trevor Howard Cast

  7. Photo of Silvana Mangano

    Silvana Mangano Cast

  8. Photo of Gert Fröbe

    Gert Fröbe Cast

  9. Photo of Helmut Griem

    Helmut Griem Cast

  10. Photo of Izabella Telezynska

    Izabella Telezynska Cast

  11. Photo of Umberto Orsini

    Umberto Orsini Cast

  12. Photo of John Moulder-Brown

    John Moulder-Brown Cast

  13. Photo of Sonia Petrovna

    Sonia Petrovna Cast

  14. Photo of Folker Bohnet

    Folker Bohnet Cast

  15. Photo of Heinz Moog

    Heinz Moog Cast

  16. Photo of Adriana Asti

    Adriana Asti Cast

  17. Photo of Marc Porel

    Marc Porel Cast

  18. Photo of Nora Ricci

    Nora Ricci Cast

  19. Photo of Mark Burns

    Mark Burns Cast

  20. Photo of Maurizio Bonuglia

    Maurizio Bonuglia Cast

  21. Photo of Alexander Allerson

    Alexander Allerson Cast

  22. Photo of Bert Bloch

    Bert Bloch Cast

  23. Photo of Manfred Fürst

    Manfred Fürst Cast

  24. Photo of Kurt Großkurth

    Kurt Großkurth Cast

  25. Photo of Anne-Marie Hanschke

    Anne-Marie Hanschke Cast

  26. Photo of Gérard Herter

    Gérard Herter Cast

  27. Photo of Ian Linhart

    Ian Linhart Cast

  28. Photo of Carla Mancini

    Carla Mancini Cast

  29. Photo of Gernot Möhner

    Gernot Möhner Cast

  30. Photo of Alain Naya

    Alain Naya Cast

  31. Photo of Alessandro Perrella

    Alessandro Perrella Cast

  32. Photo of Karl-Heinz Peters

    Karl-Heinz Peters Cast

  33. Photo of Wolfram Schaerf

    Wolfram Schaerf Cast

  34. Photo of Henning Schlüter

    Henning Schlüter Cast

  35. Photo of Eva Axén

    Eva Axén Cast

  36. Photo of Louise Vincent

    Louise Vincent Cast

  37. Photo of Alexander Stephan

    Alexander Stephan Cast

  38. Photo of Karl-Heinz Windhorst

    Karl-Heinz Windhorst Cast

  39. Photo of Raika Juri

    Raika Juri Cast

  40. Photo of Giancarlo Giannini

    Giancarlo Giannini Voice (Dub)

  41. Photo of Maria Pia Di Meo

    Maria Pia Di Meo Voice (Dub)

  42. Photo of Corrado Gaipa

    Corrado Gaipa Voice (Dub)

  43. Photo of Livia Giampalmo

    Livia Giampalmo Voice (Dub)

  44. Photo of Benita Martini

    Benita Martini Voice (Dub)

  45. Photo of Adalberto Maria Merli

    Adalberto Maria Merli Voice (Dub)

  46. Photo of Renzo Montagnani

    Renzo Montagnani Voice (Dub)

  47. Photo of Armando Nannuzzi

    Armando Nannuzzi Cinematography

  48. Photo of Robert Schumann

    Robert Schumann Music

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