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  1. Photo of Osama Al Saif

    Osama Al Saif Director, Producer Editing

  2. Photo of Mohamed Mansour

    Mohamed Mansour Screenplay

  3. Photo of Fatima Abdul Rahim

    Fatima Abdul Rahim Cast

  4. Photo of Ameen Al Sayegh

    Ameen Al Sayegh Cast

  5. Photo of Khalid Fouad

    Khalid Fouad Cast

  6. Photo of Shafeeqa Yosif

    Shafeeqa Yosif Cast

  7. Photo of Mubarak Khamees

    Mubarak Khamees Cast

  8. Photo of Ahmad Isa

    Ahmad Isa Cast

  9. Photo of Abdulla Walaid

    Abdulla Walaid Cast

  10. Photo of Hasan Al Majed

    Hasan Al Majed Cast

  11. Photo of Ali Salman

    Ali Salman Cast

  12. Photo of Hamad Al Majed

    Hamad Al Majed Cinematography

  13. Photo of Ahmad Asadi

    Ahmad Asadi Music

  14. Photo of Younis Al Koohiji

    Younis Al Koohiji Sound