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  1. Photo of Jean Grémillon

    Jean Grémillon Director

  2. Photo of Pierre Laroche

    Pierre Laroche Screenplay

  3. Photo of Jacques Prévert

    Jacques Prévert Screenplay

  4. Photo of Madeleine Renaud

    Madeleine Renaud Cast

  5. Photo of Pierre Brasseur

    Pierre Brasseur Cast

  6. Photo of Madeleine Robinson

    Madeleine Robinson Cast

  7. Photo of Paul Bernard

    Paul Bernard Cast

  8. Photo of Georges Marchal

    Georges Marchal Cast

  9. Photo of Léonce Corne

    Léonce Corne Cast

  10. Photo of Charles Blavette

    Charles Blavette Cast

  11. Photo of Jane Marken

    Jane Marken Cast

  12. Photo of Henri Pons

    Henri Pons Cast

  13. Photo of Gérard Lecomte

    Gérard Lecomte Cast

  14. Photo of Marcel Lévesque

    Marcel Lévesque Cast

  15. Photo of Raymond Aimos

    Raymond Aimos Cast

  16. Photo of Josette Paddé

    Josette Paddé Cast

  17. Photo of Louis Page

    Louis Page Cinematography

  18. Photo of Roland Manuel

    Roland Manuel Music

  19. Photo of André Barsacq

    André Barsacq Production Design

  20. Photo of Max Douy

    Max Douy Production Design

  21. Photo of Alexandre Trauner

    Alexandre Trauner Production Design

  22. Photo of Léon Barsacq

    Léon Barsacq Production Design

  23. Photo of André Paulvé

    André Paulvé Producer

  24. Photo of Louis Wipf

    Louis Wipf Executive Producer

  25. Photo of Louisette Hautecoeur

    Louisette Hautecoeur Editing

  26. Photo of Paul Duvergé

    Paul Duvergé Sound

  27. Photo of Jean Monchablon

    Jean Monchablon Sound