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  1. Photo of Jacob Grimm

    Jacob Grimm Screenplay

  2. Photo of Wilhelm Grimm

    Wilhelm Grimm Screenplay

  3. Photo of Lauri Jauhiainen

    Lauri Jauhiainen Screenplay

  4. Photo of Sakari Halonen

    Sakari Halonen Cast

  5. Photo of Heikki Heino

    Heikki Heino Cast

  6. Photo of Eija Inkeri

    Eija Inkeri Cast

  7. Photo of Pentti Irjala

    Pentti Irjala Cast

  8. Photo of Arto Mäkelä

    Arto Mäkelä Cast

  9. Photo of Raili Mäki

    Raili Mäki Cast

  10. Photo of Marita Nordberg

    Marita Nordberg Cast

  11. Photo of Reino Valkama

    Reino Valkama Cast

  12. Photo of Hannes Veivo

    Hannes Veivo Cast

  13. Photo of Pentti Viljanen

    Pentti Viljanen Cast

  14. Photo of Antti Väisänen

    Antti Väisänen Cast

  15. Photo of Unto Kumpulainen

    Unto Kumpulainen Cinematography

  16. Photo of George de Godzinsky

    George de Godzinsky Music

  17. Photo of Ville Salminen

    Ville Salminen Production Design, Director Screenplay

  18. Photo of Mauno Mäkelä

    Mauno Mäkelä Producer

  19. Photo of Nils Holm

    Nils Holm Editing

  20. Photo of Gösta Salminen

    Gösta Salminen Sound